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Hello there! My name is Joan and I’m the travel blogger behind Blogging has been my passion and sideline for 1 year and 8 months now, aside from my full time job in Manila. And as far as I’m concerned, my experience in totality as of to date has been extremely enriching and rewarding.

In my journey, I’ve learned quite a few good things. I know that I have excelled in the field little by little and I am most proud of it.

One of the few things I’ve realized is the broadness of blogging. There’s just so many things about blogging than just taking pictures and stuff. A travel blogger’s desire to present a destination and share it to the world, more than just beautiful photos, more than just a detailed article. There’s this thirst of wanting to showcase a stunning destination therefore coming to a point of realization that blogging is not just about photos and articles, it’s also about videos.

September of 2018, exactly after a year I started blogging, I posted my first travel vlog on Youtube with the ultimate goal of showing people how beautiful our country is. I took the courage and traveled alone to different islands in the country, filming and sharing my travel videos. I knew then how much deeply in love and passionate I am about traveling. Blogging has introduced me to a new world that I am most excited to explore.

Places I have been

Below are videos I have documented while traveling to different parts of the country. Enjoy watching and don’t forget to subscribe! 🙂 Comment below about your thoughts.

  • Siargao
  • Romblon
  • Palawan – El Nido Freediving
  • Cebu – Pescador Island and Kawasan Canyoneering, Cebu City, Oslob,
  • Siquijor
  • Biliran
  • Dumaguete – Manjuyod Sandbar
  • Bicol – Underrated Destinations
  • Batangas – San Luis Freediving
  • Nueva Ecija
  • Benguet – Baguio
  • Marinduque

International Travels:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong – Where to eat in HK

Featured Videos:

What a beautiful island province <3
My first solo international travel!
Complete detailed travel vlog to Siargao!
First time freediving!
Bicol’s own version of Kalanggaman Island!
My first ever solo travel!
Marinduque’s own version of Siargao Naked Island!
Camping in the sky
I’ve never seen so many free dolphins playing and following our boat!
Siquijor in 1 whole day!
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