How to apply for a Dubai visa from Philippines?

How To Apply For A Dubai Visa From Philippines?

Guest Post By Neha Singh: How to apply for a Dubai visa from Philippines?

Are you a Filipino and planning to trip Dubai (UAE) for sightseeing or visit your friends of relatives? Then the most important thing you’ll need for your Dubai trip is a valid visa. While Dubai allows visa-free or visa-on-arrival entry for certain nationalities, a Filipino should mandatorily apply for a visa regardless of the purpose of the visit. So with this exclusive guide on Dubai visa for Philippines, know everything that you should know while applying for a Dubai visa. 


To apply for a Dubai visa, you can directly visit the Embassy of UAE in Philippines or make the process more hassle-free by getting your Dubai visa approval fast through a reputable visa specialist company. No matter how you choose to obtain your Dubai visa, you’ll need the following documents such as: 

  • Accurately filled out and signed UAE visa application form
  • Your original Philippine passport whose validity is at least six months from the time you plan to enter Dubai or UAE 
  • Copies of your passport’s first and last pages 
  • 2 color passport photographs that have been taken recently against a white background 
  • An invitation letter (if you’re visiting the place upon the invitation of a Dubai resident); this letter should not only include the host’s full name, address, contact number etc, but also specify the applicant’s relationship with the host. 
  • An invitation letter should also be produced in case you’re visiting Dubai upon the invitation of an organization. This should contain all relevant details such as the company name, contact person’s details, and purpose of the invitation. 
  • If you’ve a sponsor in Dubai, submit the copies of sponsor’s passport, resident visa and Emirates ID.  

While above are direct visa requirements, you’ll also have to submit the following documents in order to ensure the smooth processing of your Dubai visa. 

  • A cover letter from applicant, stating the purpose of Dubai or UAE visit. 
  • Submit a letter from your employer which mentions your designation in the company. 
  • Employment certificate showing your job title, salary details, number of leave approved for your Dubai visit etc. 
  • If you run your own business, submit the copy of a valid business license. 
  • Submit the original bank statement with the details of the past six months’ financial transactions. This is to ensure that you’ll be able to financially support your Dubai trip. 
  • Submit a copy of the applicant’s recent Income Tax Return. 
  • Copy of marriage certificate if you’re married and traveling with your spouse. 
  • Copy of kids’ birth certificates if traveling with family and kids. 
  • If you’re divorced and traveling with your kid, it’s vital to submit the custody or permit document from spouse and this is particularly vital for woman. 
  • Copies of relevant visas if you’ve traveled to countries such as Australia, Canada, Schengen nations, UK and USA, in the last five years. 

Apart from these, you may also be asked to produce the following travel documents:

  • Confirmed roundtrip airline tickets 
  • Confirmed hotel booking details 
  • Copy of the applicant’s credit card
  • Details of former UAE entry or exit stamp (if any)


Along with the visa requirements, it’s equally important to know which type of visa is most ideal for your Dubai trip. Dependent on the purpose and duration of your Dubai stay, you can consider applying one of these Dubai visas

Tourist Visa: This serves the purpose if you’re traveling to Dubai to discover its main attractions or even visit your friends or relatives. You can choose from 30 days or 90 days visa. But this visa cannot be extended. 

Transit Visa: This is ideal for those who have a layover in Dubai as part of their international travel. It’s valid for 48 hours or 96 hours. 

Multiple-entry Visa: Unlike above two visas that allow for single-entry only, this visa allows you to travel in and out of Dubai or UAE as many times as you want during its validity period. However, it’s non-extendable. You can opt for 30 days or 90 days multiple-entry visa. 


Once you select the right visa and submit all relevant documents, it takes somewhere between four to five working days for the processing of your Dubai visa. There are service providers which offer urgent or express visa service as well. In this case, you’ll get your visa in 3 days. 


It’s very likely that your Dubai visa gets approved, provided you duly fill in the Dubai visa application form and abide by all documentation requirements. 

That said, there are also chances for your Dubai visa to get rejected, especially: 

  • If your passport is handwritten 
  • If you’re a woman under 22 years and traveling alone 
  • If you’ve a past criminal record or formerly deported from the country 
  • If your supporting documents such as photographs, passport copy are not clear 
  • If there is any typo or factual error in the application form 
  • If you’ve earlier applied for a Dubai visa which is still active 
  • If you’ve previously left Dubai without cancelling your residence visa 
  • If your profession falls under the category of unskilled jobs 


  • With your Dubai or UAE visa, you can enter the UAE through its any port of entry and also travel all over the country. 
  • Once you enter the UAE and complete the allowed duration of stay here, your Dubai tourist visa is non-extendable. 
  • If you fly back to the country before the expiry of your Dubai visa, you can apply for a new visa and visit here again.
  • If you continue in Dubai beyond the duration of your visa or grace period of 10 days, you’ll have to pay a fine amount of AED 100 per each day of your overstay in Dubai. 
  • In case your visa is rejected, your visa fee is non-refundable. 


  • Dubai is a year-round destination. That said, make sure that you time your visit depending on your preferences. 
  • For outdoors and seasonal attractions such as Global Village, DSF (Dubai Shopping Festival) etc, the best time to visit here is from November to April. 
  • If you’re looking for a budget holiday in Dubai, consider visiting here during summer months from May to August. Despite the blistering summer heat, the place is at its best with its many shopping malls and uber cool indoor attractions like Ski Dubai and Dubai Ice Rink. 
  • Make sure that you plan and book all main aspects of your Dubai holiday in advance. This not only includes visa procedures, but also the reservation of airline tickets and hotel accommodation. 
  • To get around in the city, you can book private transfers with or without driver. Bring your international driving license if you wish to drive your own. If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative, Dubai public transport, mainly Dubai metro, is both super-efficient and affordable. 
  • Pack modest dresses for your Dubai trip. Wear clothing that covers your shoulders, arms and knees, particularly when you visit the region’s religious places.
  • Being a destination with intense sunlight all through year, carry items such as sunscreen lotion, sunglasses etc. 
  • UAE is an Islamic nation, so respect its culture and traditions. 
  • Avoid eating and drinking in public during the holy month of Ramadan. 

CONCLUSION: How to apply for a Dubai visa from Philippines?

With this extensive Dubai visa guide for Philippines, we hope that this will help you to create an effective checklist on the documents and things that you would need for your stress-free application of Dubai visa. So come get started; don’t delay anymore to plan your dream Dubai holiday! 

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