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2021 Travel Guide to Polipol Island + Little Palawan in Bani Pangasinan

Polipol Island + Little Palawan in Bani Pangasinan is one of the top tourist spots in Bani, Pangasinan. It features a white sand beach, rock formation and cliff diving spots. And just lately, I’ve discovered that it is also home to dive sites for marine life enthusiasts. As a result, tourists flocks to this island to enjoy a weekend of adventure and beach bumming.

Polipol Island invites adventure junkies to jump to its 15 feet high cliff. And if that’s not good enough for you, make your way to Little Palawan which is just about 5-10 minutes boat ride from Polipol and jump to its 45 feet high cliff! Sound like fun? Check it out for yourself!

Polipol Island

How To Go To Polipol Island + Little Palawan (COVID Restrictions)

There are a number of ways to visit Polipol Island + Little Palawan. Below are the available jump-off points to get here.

Option 1: From Sitio Olanen Bani Pangasinan

From Bani, proceed to Olanen beach or Surip and rent a boat to take you to Little Palawan first. Then proceed to Polipol Island for the rest of the day. Small boats in Olanen range from Php 1,000.00 – 1,500.00 good for 4-6 pax.

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Option 2: From Patar Beach, Bolinao

Another famous jump-off point is from Bolinao. Similarly, proceed to Patar beach and rent a motorboat to Polipol Island. It will take about 20 minutes from Patar to Polipol. You may also ask the motorboat operator to take you to Little Palawan for some cliff jumping adventure. Small boats costs Php1,000.00 – 1,500.00 good for day tour rental. (4-6 pax)

Best Time To Visit Polipol Island + Little Palawan

The best time to visit a tropical island is during summer. That will be from the months of March to end of May. However, take note that these months are also the peak season. Expect an influx of tourists arriving here.

In my experience, I’ve tried visiting Polipol Island + Little Palawan in 2 different seasons. First was last April (summer season) and my second time was September (rainy season). The tides and weather were with us during our visit and it was all good. Luckily, no monsoons! Haha!

Polipol Island + Little Palawan

Things To Do

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, there are a number of things to do for an adventure in Polipol Island! Be sure to put on sunscreen before doing these activities. We don’t want those porcelain skin burn after all these exhilarating activities. :))

Underwater Cave Freediving

Check out these underwater rock formations just between the boat ride from Polipol Island to Little Palawan! Our group and I accidentally discovered this dive spot while boating. To cut the story short, the water was crystal clear that time so we saw what’s under even from the surface. And poof! Everyone jumped in to check the dive spot. And just like that we hacked a new diving destination in Pangasinan. Lol. We were all freedivers by the way.

I’ve managed to compile a video for this amazing trip, watch our freediving video here: Freediving in Polipol Island on Youtube.

freediving in bani pangasinan
freediving in polipol island

Cliff Jumping in Polipol Isand & Little Palawan

I think we can all agree that Polipol Island is best known for its cliff jumping activity. Yeap! No doubt on that.

It’s easy to spot where the cliff jumping area is. Before arriving in the island, you’ll notice right away from afar that there are people wearing orange life vests on top of a cliff. Haha! Yeap that’s them — the adventure junkies. There’s no platform or any, you’ll just stand at the edge of a cliff and jump.

The locals said it is about 20 feet high. And they also said that you’ve never really been to Polipol if you didn’t jump.

Polipol Island

Similarly, Little Palawan which is 5-10 minutes boat ride from Polipol is about 45 feet high! That’s like jumping to Cebu’s Kawasan Falls. So if you have the guts to do this, I say take that boat ride and jump to Little Palawan’s cliff.

Little Palawan has beautiful limestones which resembles like that of Palawan’s. It will give you a nostalgic feeling of Coron vibe once you pass through this place.

little palawan cliff jumping

Swimming & Sorkeling

Aside from the beautiful scenery of rock formations, you can also appreciate its white sand and crystal clear water and the sun setting from the West Philippine sea. Polipol Island has a beautiful spot for sunset watching, snorkeling and swimming.

Polipol Island bani pangasinan

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