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One of the things I always find myself consistently doing whenever I travel to a new destination is to try the best food in the place. In my previous articles I always mention this part of me as a traveler. And as a result, I do collaboration with the best and most recommended restaurants around the place. For my recent international solo travel last December 2019, I found myself dining at Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap.

Before anything else, I’d like to thank Ms. Sophie Clemenson for arranging such a wonderful dinner for me in Embassy Restaurant. And to the Kimsan twins, Ms. Kimsan Pol and Kimsan Sok, thank you for letting me have the great time by tasting one of your wonderful Khmer cuisine creations! It was a pleasure to have dine in a restaurant with the top female chefs in Cambodia. Kudos and I wish Embassy Restaurant all the best!

About Embassy Restaurant

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap opened its doors to public in the year of 2014. The restaurant is the brainchild of Kimsan Pol and Kimsan Sok or famously known as the “Kimsan Twins”.

Embassy Restaurant’s main goal is to give their guests a taste of authentic Khmer cuisine while reviving the forgotten recipes that disappeared following years of war and genocide.

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap

Embassy Restaurant joined the 50 Best Discovery list! Read more here!

The Kimsan Twins

Embassy Restaurant proudly introduce their creative force and secret weapons, their very own Executive Chef team Kimsan Pol and Kimsan Sok. They are respective graduates of the well-known Paul Dubrule and Sala Bai hospitality schools – both local legends in the culinary industry of Cambodia.

The Kimsan Twins’ dream is to make the world discover the magnificent flavours of the Kingdom of Wonders – Cambodia. That’s how they decided to open the Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap with only female staff.

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap
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An Honest Review

Even while solo-traveling to different places, I still manage to observe everything from the place, the staff and the food itself. Here is an honest review for my dining experience in Embassy Restaurant!

The Place

Embassy Restaurant’s location did not fail me as it wasn’t hard to find it and all you have to do is charter a tuktuk and ask them to bring you in Embassy Restaurant. This only means that the restaurant is already famous in Siem Reap.

My appointment was scheduled for a dinner and so I came here after dusk. The timing was actually perfect since the vibe and atmosphere was just relaxing. As a result, the restaurant from the outside looked dashing at night and of course very relaxing too!

There were dim lights to compliment the serenity of the place inside. Everything was arranged for a lovely dinner for 2, for a family or even for a group of friends.

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The Staff

If you have read my previous reviews for the restaurants I’ve been, you’ll know that the service and the staff is very important to me. I’m a graduate of Hospitality and Tourism Management so I know how hard it is to stand at least 9 hours and accommodating each guests who comes in.

I salute those people who does this in straight 9 hours while still managing a huge smile in their faces! Embassy Restaurant’s all women staff have passed my expectations with high grades when it comes to service. From the point I entered the restaurant until I got out and finished a sumptuous dinner, I was handled perfectly by such wonderful team and staff. Kudos to your service, Embassy Restaurant!

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap

Every set of meal given to me, the staff would advise brief information about what’s currently served on my table. I was also constantly asked by the staff if I needed anything too. Everything was just so perfect.

The Food and the Menu- Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap

In order to stay seasonal and continue offering a unique experience, Embassy Restaurant changes their menu regularly depending on the seasonality and availability of the local ingredients that can be found in the different provinces of Cambodia.

Like I’ve mentioned earlier, the Kimsan Twins’ passion to rediscover the forgotten recipe of Khmer Gastronomy brought them into reviving it by sharing these recipes to their guests.

For the December menu last 2019, I had the below delicious set of menu:

  • Khmer Street Finger Food: mushroom tempura, chicken sausage, rice cake, nating, rosted chombok seed
  • Amuse Bouche: grilled baby squid, charcoal eggplant
  • Appetizer: sautee chive leaf & bean sprout salad, deep fried dry mushroom mixed with tofu and tamarind dressing
  • Soup: slowly cooked pork ribs, red Kampot pepper, Tonle sap lotus root, local lufa, friend onion sprinkle
  • Refresher Granite: roselle sour fruit sorbet
  • Main Course: grilled takeo river lobster, on crispy vermicelli nest, pumpkin puree, garlic sauce. Smoky duck, aroma of embassy spices, crispy sweet potato, fresh pineapple salad ratanakiri coffee cappuccino
  • Dessert: bay traeb black sticky rice cooked in fresh coconut milk, roasted peanut, sugar palm caramel icecream

In every set of meal served, there is an option between wine pairing or tea pairing. As for me, I opted with tea pairing. I actually love how the tea was served to me in different colors! I’ll upload my vlog soon on Youtube so you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap

Before leaving the restaurant, the staff will give you a special box of delicious Angkor Macaron and the flavors are: dragon fruit, coconut, lemon, mango, jackfruit and passion fruit.

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap

In addition to that, you’ll have the chance to meet one of the Kimsan twins who literally made and prepared the whole dinner for you. Here’s a picture of me with Kimsan Pol!

kimsan pol

How to get there and other useful information

  • How to get there? Just charter a tuktuk anywhere in Siem Reap and advise the tuktuk driver to take you to Embassy Restaurant. Fare usually costs 1-3 USD only.
  • Contact Information: Click here for their Facebook Page.
  • Operating Days/Hours: Open daily/6-11PM
  • Address: King’s Road village, Street 27, Wat Bo Rd, 17253, Cambodia
  • Reservations: Call +855 89 282 911 or visit their websitehttps://www.embassy-restaurant.com/#booknow

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