Batanes of the east

Batanes Of The East: Dingalan, Aurora

Explore Batanes of the East Dingalan, Aurora at its best! Enjoy exploring the nooks and crannies of Dingalan, Aurora which possesses an array of majestic natural wonders – picturesque white beach, breathtaking summit, glorious rock formations, majestic caves and a spectacular waterfall. No wonder it’s dubbed as the Batanes of the East as it gives adventure a new meaning.

Batanes of the east Dingalan

Exploring A Breathtaking Dingalan Summit

When in Dinagalan, the so called “Batanes of The East” will be the main highlight of your adventure. Many of us wanted to see with our own eyes the beauty of Batanes that lies in the land of the northernmost part of the Philippines. Given the most expensive airfare that you can possibly get within the Philippines, it makes it so much hard to visit Batanes for everyone who wanted to go there.

Furthermore, an alternative that will surely pass on your utmost desire to visit Batanes is Dingalan, Aurora that sits in the eastern part of the country.

Batanes of the east Dingalan

Other Places To See

There are so many wonders to see in Dingalan, Aurora as mentioned earlier. Summer is fast approaching, get yourself a day in the beach and visit rock formations and caves. You can do a minor excursion in the White Beach, Lamao Cave, and Suah Rock Fromations after visiting Dingalan Summit. These places are just 20-30 minute away from the main attraction or the Dingalan Summit.

White Beach in Dingalan: Batanes of the East

Have a fun time under the sun and soak yourself in the salty water of the White Beach.

white beach Dingalan

Lamao Cave in Dingalan

Caves are natural wonders that gives a thrilling experience as these places are natural and has been inhabited by animals and people for a very long time.

Suah Rock Formation

Another way to enjoy a fun-filled day under the sun is checking out the rock formations by the sea and do some water activities such as snorkeling and cliff diving.

Tanawan Falls

Bring out the adventurous side of you as you jump off 12-20 feet high. Swim in fresh water and taking your time enjoying a memorable trip before going back in a busy city.

Batanes of the east Dingalan

Where To Book An Affordable Tour: Batanes of the East, Dingalan

The challenge in visiting a place is figuring out how to get there. Some chooses to go on a private vehicle, but it’s not always ideal since you’ll be needing a car and enough amount of people to get there. If you just want to go there and there’s not enough time to plan your trip, you can always book your tour in travel agencies.

Where to book: Pobreng Wanderer

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Advantages in booking your tour with Pobreng Wanderer:

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