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The Dessert Museum: Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth!

Feeling STRESSED? Well good news! Stressed is spelled as DESSERTS backwards! Summoning all sugar monsters out there, I know just a perfect place for you to invade and go crazy for. Welcome to the happy place of every candy sweet lovers! My happy place, Dessert Museum!

The Dessert Museum is ready to grant your sweetest fantasies. So, what are you waiting for?! Come join a sugar-coated adventure while you eat and play your way!

Dessert Museum Manila


Dessert Museum 8 Instagram-Worthy Rooms

Donuts Room

This is where the fun starts. As you enter the first room, you’ll feel like it’s raining donuts inside! Countless donuts hanging on the ceiling and more donuts stacked on the walls. But be careful, these are artificial donuts and are hard. You won’t like it if you bump your head on ‘em! On the entrance, there’s also a slide where you can play while touring the room.

Dessert Museum donut room

Marshmallow Room

This is one of my most favorite rooms of them all. The second room welcomes you raining marshmallows, too! All my life I thought the end of the a rainbow is a pot of gold! But guys, no! Believe me, it’s a pot of marshmallows!

Dessert Museum marshmallow room

Candy Canes Room

The 3rd room has 2 doors you can choose from when you enter, the Naughty room and the Nice room. Of course, I went first to the naughty room because I remembered being constantly listed on the naughty list back in my elementary days. So the room is divided by huge and tall candy canes! On the right corner of the room, there’s the library of candies and library of hearts and kisses. While on the left corner of the room, there’s a jump rope and a seesaw.

Dessert Museum candy canes

Ice Cream Room

The 4th room will be my personal favorite dessert! It’s got colorful balloons everywhere that will remind you of the Disney movie “Up”.

Dessert Museum ice cream room

Bubble Gum Room

Bubbles and balloons will fill the room as you enter! There’s a corner in the room where you will experience to be inside a big bubble. It’ll surely bring the kid outside of you!

Dessert Museum

Gummy Bears Room

Who doesn’t like gummy bears?! We all enjoyed these little treats when we were kids and now you’ll get to be in a room filled with it. My favorite corner in the room is the part where the 3 bath tubs filled with artificial gummy bears instead of bubbles and water. And then there are these small trampolines on each side and just literally lots of gummy bears from all shapes and sizes!

Gummy bears room Dessert Museum

Cotton Candy Room

Is your favorite color pink? You’ll definitely love this one! It’s like you’re walking in heaven with so many clouds except that the color of the clouds are pink and not white. As a kid I always save up half my allowance to buy cotton candy outside our school. When I got into this room, it brought me back so many memories when I was younger and I almost wanted to live here! Haha just kidding!

Dessert Museum cotton candy room

Dessert Museum Cakes Room

Cakes will be the last dessert in the museum. Enjoy a room with a basketball as part of its activities inside and a fun-filled room of cakes.

Dessert Museum

What You Should Know:

Ticket Price and Inclusions – The Ticket price is a bit pricey given that the museum just opened this February of 2018.

  • On Weekdays – PHP799.00
  • On Weekends – PHP899.00

Insider Tip: You can score cheaper ticket on a discounted rate if you book online. Click here to book your tickets online.

  • Inclusive of 2-hour tour in 8 mouthwatering dessert themed rooms and 5-6 FREE desserts!
  • Is it worth the price? Now this is the question! Some will find it really expensive as an entrance fee to this sweet museum. As for me, I say YES! It is worth it!
  • Why? They are the first to have this dessert themed museum
  • Instagram worthy photos! I’m so loving the colorful photos on my Instagram account!
  • Perfect for those kids at heart
  • An extra-ordinary sweet adventure. You eat and play while you learn!
  • Opening Days/Hours- Open daily at 10:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Location- Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City
  • Tour Guides- There will be different tour guides who will assist and guide you through every room. Also, you will go by batch so you can enjoy the tour without overcrowding the rooms.
  • Wristband- You will be given a digital wristband before starting your adventure. This will be your access in claiming the free desserts inside the museum.
  • Museum- This is still considered as a museum since you will be guided in every room by tour guides and they will educate you the history of these desserts, where, how, and when these were invented.

For FAQ’S click here to redirect to their page.

Dessert Museum Joansfootprints

How To Get There

Option 1: Via Commute

Make your way to the nearest MRT station and drop off at Ayala station. From there, ride a bus to Mall of Asia then walk going to S Maison, Conrad Hotel Manila.

Option 2: Hire a Taxi

If you want to minimize the hassle, hiring a taxi is always part of the choices to get there.

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