Caramoan island philippines


A paradise isolated in Camarines Sur is the Islands of Caramoan. This is in no doubt the islands remain unexploited from commercial tourism which tops the very reason to have a perfect island getaway in its majestic islands.

Caramoan Island gives island hopping a new meaning as it boasts stunning sandbars and turquoise waters. Explore the caves, see beautiful limestones or just enjoy stargazing at night. I don’t know about you, but this getaway is a one memorable ocean adventure you should definitely put on your top list.

Caramoan island philippines camarines sur


Before we go exploring the nooks and crannies of these islands, Caramoan Islands reached the international standards of an ideal beach paradise. Survivor US has been shooting in the islands for quite some time now. That being said, our escapade became a lot more special and exciting.

Caramoan Island Stunning Sandbars

Sandbars give more excitement to an island getaway. Us tourists, whenever we see one, we can’t help but run towards it and take a lot of photos because it’s not everyday you see a sandbar and not every beach has one.

Caramoan island philippines

Turquoise Waters

A Caramoan island hopping promises you a turquoise water that you will surely enjoy as you dip in the water and swim. As I’ve said earlier that Caramoan is an isolated island and transportation to and from is not easy, which is why the water is crystal clear and blue as the sky.

Caramoan island camarines sur

Beautiful Limestones in Caramoan Island

The limestones in the islands are very common, almost all islands in Caramoan has it. They are unique accessories that adds up to the beauty of the islands.

Caramoan island philippines

Caramoan Island Floating Cottage

One of the islands has this floating cottage and it’s for free. It’s just floating nearby the wide sandbar and anyone can use it. Nothing is more relaxing than floating in a cottage by the waters of a majestic island.

Caramoan island philippines floating cottage

Gold Sand Beach

Some island has this gold sand feature and it’s just overwhelming. The sand is so beautiful in its color and makes it perfect to build a sand castle. For me, I like beaches with a gold sand than white beaches. Because gold sand beaches are not very common unlike white beaches.

The Sea and the Starfish

We were lucky enough to see some starfishes during our island hopping. There weren’t so many of them but still we saw a few. We took this little one just for a quick photo and we immediately returned it back in the water. Don’t worry, we didn’t harm any of them.

Caramoan island philippines

Our Lady of Peace Grotto, Caramoan

This is one of my favorite part when I visited Caramoan, after a 524-step is a 26-foot image of the Blessed Virgin Mary nestled on top. We managed to offer a prayer upon reaching the grotto and entertained ourselves by the spectacular view overlooking the islands of Caramoan.

St. Michael Archangel Church

Most travelers visit Caramoan for the islands as made popular by the tv show Survivor, but they fail to see a beautiful architecture built in the 16th century. The church had overcome countless natural destruction but still remain a strong church. Don’t forget to drop by the red church and offer a short prayer for a safe island hopping trip.

St. Michael the Archangel Church

Other Photos

There are other places along the way as you travel to and from Caramoan. There’s a field of greenery lands and a Caramoan landmark in the city.

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