chung dam korean restaurant

Chung Dam: A new high-end Korean restaurant in Malate

We cannot deny the fact that Korean culture has taken over to more and more Filipino fans each year. We are not only into Korean dramas but our lifestyle and way of living has been affected by the Korea craze. As a result, Korean restaurants are almost everywhere in Manila. Chung Dam Korean restaurant is a high-end restaurant offering its customers a unique experience of dining unlike any other.

Chung Dam Korean restaurant a newly opened restaurant last April 18, 2019 and is located in Malate, Manila. Malate is a place well-known for various Korean, Japanese and Chinese restaurants you can choose from. Despite all this, Chung Dam restaurants stands out to the others as the restaurant brings to you a taste of the best and premium Korean quality food. Last October 11, I went to Chung Dam restaurant with my friends to experience a Korean menu that is truly worth recommending. Thanks to Ms. Tricia and Ms. Cheska for arranging this visit.

chung dam korean restaurant

Chung Dam Korean Restaurant in Malate

The restaurant caters not only to Filipinos but to other nationalities looking for a high class experience and Korean quality food. Chung Dam restaurant’s two Chefs, Master Chef Jang and Head Chef Kim, wanted to give Filipinos and other foreign customers a taste of the best Korean food. Chef Jang was a former chef in a 3-starred Michelin restaurant in Korea. With this being said, customers can expect to have a real Korean barbecue beef taste and experience at Chung Dam Korean restaurant

Chung Dam Menu Set

Below are the menu set you can expect when you dine in Chung Dam. Take note that all sets are good for 3-4 persons and includes free steamed egg, denjang soup and Korean chapjae noodles.

SET A: PHP1,490.00

  • Beef plate
  • Prime chuck eyeroll
  • Hanging tender

SET B: PHP1,990.00

  • Wagyu brisket point
  • Prime chuck eyeroll
  • Prime top blade

SET C: PHP2,990.00

  • Prime top blade
  • Prime chuck flaptail
  • A Prime ribeye

SET VIP: PHP3,890.00

  • Prime chuck flaptail
  • Prime ribeye
  • A Prime short reib

The interior designing at Chung Dam Korean Restaurant

To tell you honestly, I’ve been to a lot of Korean restaurants since I’m a fan of Korean barbecue and samgyupsal meat too. But of all those restaurants I’ve been, Chung Dam Korean Restaurant’s interior designing stands out of them all.

The usual look of a Korean restaurant is just a simple room will painted walls of anything Korean-related arts and stuff. Tables, chairs and built-in charcoal grill with ventilators in the middles and corners of the restaurant then that’s about it. Chung Dam brings to you a whole new level of dining. When they say “high-end Korean restaurant“, they really live up to what they describe their restaurant to be.

chung dam korean restaurant

As you enter, you’ll immediately see the restaurant’s logo which is a diamond. Then a staircase follows behind it where you’ll probably wonder if you’re heading to a Korean restaurant or a fancy hotel. Honestly, I had second thoughts if we were entering the right place. There was a chandelier on top of the stairs and the walls were painted blue and gold linings. Before finally entering inside the dining area, there’s a long oval table with sanitizes and pamphlets of Chung Dam restaurant.

Inside the restaurants, I noticed that that the tables were made out of marble stone and the chairs were soft-cushioned chairs. It doesn’t end there though, the plates and cutlery were gold colored which added to a more fancy style and vibe inside Chung Dam Restaurant.

Also, I noticed one more detail inside the restaurant. The Hwayo Premium Soju bottles were placed in the windows as a design which made it look classy. These Soju bottles came all the way from Korea and are considered high-end soju in Korea too.

Hwayo Premium Soju

Hwayo Premium Soju is considered one of Korea’s most famous and high-end soju brand. You can purchase directly in the restaurant if you find yourself dining in Chung Dam restaurant one of these days. And like I’ve said above, the Hwayo Premium Soju bottles are used by the restaurant as a creative decoration placed by the windows of the restaurant.

Chung Dam offers different varieties of Hwayo Premium Soju and they also offer it in gift sets if you wish to give it as a present. For pre-orders and more details about Hwayo Premium Soju and its price, please shoot your questions to their Facebook page below.


Hwayo Premium Soju

Promotions: Chung Dam Korean Restaurant

Chung Dam Korean Restaurant

How to get there

Option 1: Via private vehicle

For better navigation, click the link below for google maps direction from Taft to Chung Dam in Malate, Manila.


Option 2: Via public transportation

Find your way to MRT stations and drop off in Taft, then switch to LRT1 going to Quirino station. From Quirino station, ride a tricycle for PHP50.00 good for 45 person. You also have an option to walk for 8-10 minutes.

Other Information

  • Operating Days/Hours: Daily at 11AM – 7AM
  • Address: 2nd Floor, 590 Remedios St, Malate, Manila, 1004 Metro Manila
  • Contact Information: 806-22-95
  • Wifi: Yes
  • Parking lot: around the Remedios circle
Chung Dam Korean Restaurant



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