XU Restaurant Lounge

XU Restaurant Lounge in Vietnam: Get the Authentic Taste of Vietnamese Cuisine as Ranked by Tripadvisor!

Traveling to a foreign country doesn’t only mean seeing the tourist spots, for me, it also meant trying out the best restaurants in town where I can find authentic cuisine from the specific country. Whenever I travel to a new destination, I have this habit of looking for the best restaurant or asking my friends which place to go for authentic cuisines. I stayed in Ho Chi Minh City for 3 days and was lucky enough to dine at XU Restaurant Lounge in Vietnam.

During my first night, I have tasted a few good restaurants in Bui Vien Street. There are a number of restaurants there serving Vietnamese cuisine. I have to admit that I compared it to the food I had in XU Restaurant and I was able to conclude that the best one I had is at XU Restaurant!

Before talking about anything else, I’d like to thank Mr. Nguyen Minh Loi for arranging such a sumptuous dinner set for me last December 14 of 2019. I had the best meal experience in Vietnam thanks to XU Restaurant and I can’t wait to share it with you in this blog!

XU Restaurant Lounge

About XU Restaurant Lounge

To give you a bit of information about XU Restaurant, they officially opened their doors last December 2005 and continues to proudly present Vietnamese culinary arts to its guests and customers.

Bien Nguyen, the owner of this sophisticated restaurant has quite a rough journey towards his success. At the young age of 15, he started realizing his passion for culinary arts and worked his way up to maximize his skills and potentials. Up to this day, XU Restaurant has been serving to every guests and tourists for about 15 years now with its vision to express the cultures and traditions of Vietnam through authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

XU Restaurant Ranked as Best Restaurant by TripAdvisor

XU Restaurant Lounge has been ranked as travelers’ choice top 5 best fine dining restaurants in Vietnam by TripAdvisor. This doesn’t only add up to the restaurant’s good reputation but it is also a proof that they have been trusted by a lot of people.

XU Restaurant Lounge

How to go to XU Restaurant Lounge in Vietnam

XU Restaurant is located in Ho Chi Minh City and is easily accessible within the area. You may book Grab car or bike to get here. Alternatively, you may download the BusMap app to get directions on how to go to XU Restaurant Lounge.


XU Restaurant Lounge Dining Experience (Blog and Review)

I have to say that the restaurant exceeded my expectation when it comes to fancy dining experience. Most travelers look for a place where they can get a good taste of the country’s best cuisine. For the country Vietnam, I can definitely say it’s XU Restaurant Lounge.

The Food (Vietnamese Cuisine)

I have observed from the first day of my Vietnam trip that their food is more on seafood. From street-food, bars and restaurants, the seafood is always up on the menu. Also, the price is very affordable compared to most seafood restaurants in Asia. And as an Asian who loves seafood so much, I’m not going to deny the fact that Vietnam cuisine is something!

XU Restaurant Lounge

Five Course Tasting and Wine Matching

The meal course that was served to me consists of five course tasting with matching wines. Also, the meal sequence was perfectly arranged and matched with its coordinated wine.

XU Restaurant Lounge
XU Restaurant Lounge

The Staff

Their staff at the restaurant was very nice and accommodating! I’ll give them a perfect score as they have attended to their guests 100% service. I even remembered when one of their staff consistently ask me if there is anything I need. Kudos to your staff for their excellent service, XU Restaurant!

The Restaurant

The fancy restaurant has a very romantic ambiance that will suit a dinner date for couples, group of friends or even families. There were dim lights which compliments a classy evening and a romantic vibe.

XU Restaurant Lounge is a 2-storey building with a very spacious place. The second floor is for restaurant and fancy dinners while the first floor consist of the bar, dance floor and live DJs.

Thank you, Mr. Nguyen Minh Loi!

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