Reasons Why FARMVILLE San Fabian Should Be On Your Next List To Visit When In Pangasinan

“You should go to Farmville in San Fabian. It’s a place inspired by The Hobbit movie.”

That’s what every Dagupeño would suggest for me to do every single time I come home in my hometown. As a result I immediately packed my ring to meet Gollum. Lol. Kidding! Farmville San Fabian is located in a secluded rural area where agriculture is the star of the show. A very spacious rice field scenery complemented by a fresh atmosphere from the farm.

Nestled in the middle of a rice farm is an earth-covered home resembling to the famous movie The Hobbit. Around the earth-covered homes are very instagrammable photoshoot areas. Perfect for that province vibe! And of course, Instagram.

Moreover, Farmville offers a variety of things to do and enjoy. For instance, samgyupsal is available in the main house, kawa bath for guests and roaming around the farm to take some province-inspired photos!

hobbit farmville san fabian

The Hobbit Themed Accommodations

Get ready to experience a unique staycation inside an earth-covered home equipped with the modern amenities like air conditioned rooms, hot & cold shower, flat screen TV, wifi, king size bed, and a small patio. 

According to Kuya Jordan, caretaker of Farmville, there are currently 2 homes available for staycation. Good news is they are planning to maximize in the future and add 10 more homes to accommodate guests.

Moreover, each home has its own patio where guests can sit and relax while enjoying a scenic view of the farm. You can also have some coffee and snacks delivered to your own patio. Also, there’s a kawa bath in each patio which will be perfect early in the morning.

farmville samgyupsal

Your Favorite Samgyupsal In The Middle Of A Farm

Craving for samgyupsal? Farmvile got you! No need to go to the city to look for Korean grilled meat because it is available in this modern agricultural farm. And I highly recommend their kimchi!

The samgyupsal is located in the main house which is their restaurant and activity place. Each corner of the restaurant has a very IG-worthy spot. Also, there are board games available and a giant jenga blocks. One thing is for sure, there’s no single dull moment or corner inside this house.

Note: Samgyupsal is available by appointment for day-tour guests. Make sure to book your schedule through their Facebook page.


Farm To Plate Breakfast + Milktea

Good news for milktea lovers! For guests who booked for an overnight stay, there is an inclusion of breakfast and milktea. And for day-tour guests, you can try Farmville’s milktea for PHP 150.00 each. I recommend their taro milktea!

There’s nothing healthier than a farm to plate meal in a farm. I love how the farm theme also works for the food.

hobbit farmville kawa bath

No Need To Go To Rizal Or Antique For Kawa Bath

Kawa bath originated in the province of Antique in Visayas. Although there are a lot of imitations made around Manila like in Rizal or Tagaytay, we also have it here in our province! So if you’re looking for a relaxing experience of kawa bath, prepare to cook yourself here. Lol. Don’t forget to bring your bathing attire!

A hot kawa bath is a perfect way to spend the morning in the farm. I suggest to start around 5:30 am to 7:00 am. Don’t worry because the staff will have it setup for you! Oh, and milk will be added in the bath too. Yey!


Experience A Province Vibe In The Farm

Obviously, Farmville offers a province vibe! Aside from it is located in a secluded area, Farmville has a few spots that can give you a nostalgic feeling back in the province. Wells, scarecrows, mud paddles, and lush greenery. Sounds familiar? Yeap! Those are one of the things to expect when you are in a province.

If I were you, I’d prepare for that farm-vibe OOTD! And snap some awesome photos here. Lol.

the hobbit san fabian
the hobbit pangasinan

Instagram-Worthy Spots

Last but not the least, the most obvious reason why teenagers and early generations would want to come here. The IG-worthy spots. Around the farm, you can check out some awesome spots for photoshoot.

There’s the instagrammable yellow door in the middle of the farm which looks like a magic door that will take you to wonderland. Not unless your feet falls in the mud then that’s not wonderland, isn’t it? Lol.

Another is the small bridge. I really like how it is designed to have water below. I find it relaxing to just sit in the middle and wait for the sunset.

Drone shot taken right after Typhoon Ulysses

More Useful Information


Farmville is exactly located at Lipit Tomeeng, San Fabian, Pangasinan. For visitors with private vehicles, download Google Maps for easy navigation and check the direction here.

For DIY travelers and visitors, ride a bus or jeep going to San Fabian (You can take a bus going to Agoo or San Fernando). Then ask the driver to drop you off in front of Happy Ripples Resort and just walk a little until you reach the waiting shed where you can charter a tricycle going to the Farmville.

If you are coming from Baguio City, go to Pines Garage and take a van bound to Dagupan City. Advise the driver to drop you at Brgy Mabilao San Fabian. From there, take a short tricycle ride to Brgy Lipit Tomeeng.


Entrance fee for walk-in guests (day tour):

Entrance Fee:
Adult:Php 100.00
Kid:Php 60.00

Samgyupsal Package:

Php 1998 package
(Good for 7 – 8 Persons)
Package Php 700
( Good for 2 Persons )
Unli Php 449 /head Package
1 Kilo Pork Sangyup
1 Kilo Bacon thins
1 Platter rice
1/2 Green Ice Lettuce
1/4 Kimchi
Hot pepper paste
UNLIMITED iced cold Fruit Juice
San Fabian Dessert :Tupig
1 pack Enoki mushroom
4 slices fish cake
10pcs crab sticks
FREE entrance fee for 8 Pax
*By appointments only. Pm us for more detials
1/4 kilo Sangyup
1/4 kilo Bacon thins
1/2 Platter rice
1/4 Green Ice Lettuce
1/4 Kimchi
UNLIMITED iced cold Fruit Juice
San fabian Dessert: Tupig
1/2 pack enoki mushroom
1 slice fiah cake
4pcs crab sticks
FREE entrance fee for 2 persons
– Unlimited Pork Samgyup
– Unlimited Bacon Thins
– Unlimited Rice
– Unlimited Drinks
– Free Entrance
– Side dishes
(maximum of 2.5 hrs) (minimum of at least 2 persons)

For overnight and staycation:

farmville overnight rate


Farmville is both available to book via their Facebook page or through airbnb. Check out below for airbnb instructions!

How to get P2,500.00 OFF?

  • Sign up with Airbnb here: Airbnb Sign Up
  • After signing up with my link above, you can get up to (a) ₱2,500 off your first stay and (b) ₱600 to use toward an experience worth ₱2,400 or more. (A is your home coupon and B is your experience coupon)
  • Take note that you will get 2 coupons after successfully signing up. Disclaimer: your home coupon amount depends on the cost of the stay, excluding taxes and guest fees. For example: Spend ₱15,000, get ₱750 or spend ₱25,000, get ₱1,250. And spend ₱35,000, get ₱1,750, or spend ₱50,000 or more, get ₱2,500.
  • But, your experience coupon remains with its value of ₱600 for any bookings worth ₱2,400 or more.
  • After successfully signing up, you are now entitled for a discount with airbnb. BOOK FARMVILLE HERE.


  • Operating time? For day tour guests: 5:30 am to 7 pm.
  • Is there phone reception or internet? YES.
  • Are there photoshoots everyday? According to Kuya Jordan, almost everyday the Farmville is booked for prenup shoots and the likes. So don’t be shocked if you’ll see lotsa people carrying cameras with them.
  • For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

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