Session Road On Sundays

Baguio City’s Session Road On Sunday: Everything You Need to Know

Strange how Baguio City is a place that has every reason I avoid a destination, but also the same reasons why I love it. For instance its an overpopulated city, traffic jam everywhere, locals and tourists crawling every corners of the streets, vibrant and loud night life.. If it isn’t obvious, I am definitely not a fan of city life. But somehow Baguio changed the way I perceived a City.

Recently, I’ve been to Baguio for a quick getaway since it’s just about 2 hours away from my hometown. I’m glad to share with you guys another reason for you to visit Session Road on Sunday! This might keep the weekday tourists stay in Baguio until Sunday for a different kind of Session Road experience every Sunday.

Session Road On Sundays


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About Session Road, Baguio

What makes Session Road extra special from the other streets in the Philippines is its chilly weather. We’ve known Session Road to be a street where we can walk by its 1.7km side of the road at night while enjoying the vibrant colors from buildings and nearby food stalls. Its proximity from Burnham Park, SM Baguio and Sky Ranch makes it more perfect for its location.

In addition, there are popular events held here every year. For instance (1) Session in bloom, (2) Panagbenga Festival Parades, and (2) SLU Lantern Parade. These events take place during the months of February – March and December.

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Walking Tour At Session Road on Sunday

To give you a bit of information, this brilliant idea actually came from Mayor Magalong of Baguio. According to my Baguio friends, this event every Sunday will continue to happen probably until the current Mayor’s reign. Nobody is sure but what we know is that its main goal is to help reduce air pollution on Sunday and give the busy street time to breathe. After all, less vehicles mean less air pollution so that’s good news!

Contemplating on this brilliant idea, I can’t help but notice that this Sunday event showcased the face of Baguio residents. To have lived in Baguio for years, I know for a fact that there are lots of cosplayers, artists and buskers in Baguio. So this is actually a long awaited door that has finally opened for them, a chance to show the world their talent and creativity. So kudos to this brilliant idea!

Musicians & Buskers

The streets of Baguio is also home to buskers and musicians alike. This is the part where I really love Baguio, its chill weather complimented by musicians. For what I know, they will always have a place in Baguio.

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Chalk Arts & Artists

Art is a great way to express yourself and communicate your ideas to others. So if you are into arts and creation, this area of Session Road is for you! Feel free to draw your thoughts and share them with people.

Session Road On Sundays

Cosplayers & Mascots

I think this is probably the best part for kids and families. You will definitely enjoy a good afternoon walk after attending mass on Sunday. The kid living inside me definitely enjoyed this part too! Lol.

cosplayers baguio city
Session Road On Sundays

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