Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

2023 Complete Guide to Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary & Budget: Everything You Need to Know

Before anything else, I’d like to say thank you to DOT MIMAROPA for giving me the chance to explore Puerto Princesa. This travel guide aims to create a promotional content for this lovely Province.

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The largest island province in the Philippines never fails to amaze us. Coron and El Nido being in the North and Balabac in the South, and guess what? I think we’ve got it all covered in the middle part too! Puerto Princesa doesn’t just open gateways to the North and South, it is also home to amazing destinations like Honda Bay, UNESCO World Heritage Underground River, stunning beaches and other thrilling activities!

Puerto Princesa presents more of the history and indigenous culture of the Palaw’ans. You’ll get the chance to understand Palawan, learn more about the ethnic tribes, and get to know about the culture through just by trying their local food.

Yes, Palawan is definitely not just about its amazing beaches. It gives us the chance to dive in to its colorful culture and traditions.

Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary


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About Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Puerto Princesa is the capital of the island province of Palawan. The city has been awarded several times as the cleanest and greenest city in the Philippines. Although the predominant language is Tagalog, Cuyonon is widely spoken and used throughout the whole city, as well as Hiligaynon and other Visayan languages. Moreover, English is also widely spoken in the City.

The main mode of transportation in the City includes public tricycles, multicabs, buses and vans. Although Palawan is an all year-round destination, the best time to go here is still during summer season. The months of March-May would be the best choice for that.

How to get to Puerto Princesa?

The airport to get here will be Puerto Princesa International Airport (PPS). There are daily flights offered by low-cost airlines like AirAsia, Cebu Pacific, AirSwift and Philippines Airlines. Subsequently, outside the airport there are public transportations like tricycles and multicabs going to the town proper. You may opt to ride public transportation or book a Shared Airport Transfer via Klook.

puerto princesa airport

Where to Stay in Puerto Princesa?

Deciding where to stay won’t be a problem. There are lots of hotels around the city to choose from. Below are some of my recommended hotels depending on your budget:

For budget travelers, below are homestays/inns available in the City:

If you have a budget on hotel rooms, I highly recommend Aziza Paradise Hotel. This is where I stayed for 4 nights, amenities includes a large lobby, swimming pool, wifi, bar and restaurant. It is also located about 2-3 minutes away from the Airport.

Hue Hotel is also one of my recommended hotels around the City. Aside from it is located 2-3 minutes away from the airport, they have lots of room availabilities, amenities like swimming pool, bar, lounge, spa, restaurant and free airport transfers too. It is also walking distance from Robinsons Mall and other restaurants.

Lastly, this is the resort I recommend if you want a luxurious place to stay. Rated with 5 stars, this high-quality property provides guests with access to restaurant and outdoor pool on-site.

Where to Eat in Puerto Princesa?

I created a separate article about what to try/eat and best restaurants around the town, click the link below! Furthermore, my first recommended restaurant would be at Kalui‘s! This restaurant is one of the busiest and most popular in the City. An advance reservation is highly recommended to get a table here.

Another is the Kinabuch‘s, this restaurant is also famous for serving a local exotic food tamilok. Get to know more about this exotic food by clicking the link below.


kalui puerto princesa palawan

3 Days Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary & Budget + Places to Visit

This Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary is assuming that you are taking the earliest flight to PPS and a late flight on the last day.


The best way to start your Puerto Princesa trip is to do a City Tour. It’s like your warm up exercise before going to the most exciting part. Puerto Princesa is more than just the famous underground river and its beautiful beaches, it’s also a place filled with amazing cultural spots that are vital to every tourist’s visit. Below are the places to visit for a whole day City Tour.

Binuatan Creation Weaving Loom Center

You’ll be able to see and even try making handloom woven products and items made from indigenous fibers. There is also a store where you can buy these handloom woven products which is also a good idea for souvenirs.
Entrance Fee: Free entrance
Operating Hours: 7am-6pm

Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

Butterfly Garden & Tribal Village

Showcases a sheer variety of butterflies. Other animals can be see here too like the Palawan Peacock and Palawan Bearcat. To get there, by tricycle from the airport or from the city proper – Php 300.00 good for three (3) persons or take the jeepney or multicab bound to Sta. Monica along national highway Php16.00 / person.
Entrance Fee: Php60.00; Children/PWD/Senior Citizen is Php50.00)
Operating Hours: 8:30am-5pm
How to get there: Take the jeepney or multicab bound to Sta. Monica along national highway Php16.00 / person.

butterfly garden palawan
tribal village palawan

Palawan Wildlife Rescue & Conservation Center

Or better known as Crocodile Farm. The center is a breeding place for Philippine crocodiles as well as home to a few endangered animals. You’ll not only be able to observe freshwater and saltwater crocodiles, you also get to pet some baby crocs too!
Entrance Fee: Php40.00
Operating Hours: 8am-5pm
How to get there: Take the jeepney or multicab bound to Sta Monica along national highway Php16.00 / person.

Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

Mitra’s Ranch

Gives you a spectacular panoramic hilltop view of Puerto Princesa. 
Entrance Fee: Free entrance
Operating Hours: 6am-6pm
How to get there: Take the jeepney or multicab bound to Sta Monica along national highway Php16.00 / person.

Baker’s Hill

A famous bakery for its sweet delicacies, with everything from cashew nuts, hopia, brownies, and more local delicacies that are perfect for snacking and bringing home as souvenirs. 
Entrance Fee: Free entrance
Operating Hours: 7am-8pm
How to get there: Take the jeepney or multicab bound to Sta Monica along national highway Php16.00 / person. Near Mitra Ranch.

Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

Amaza Pearls & Souvenir Shop

Here you can score cheap fresh water pearls/earings for as low as Php15.00/pair! This is the best place to buy all you souvenirs too.

pearl souvenir shop palawan

Baywalk Firefly Watching

An amazing natural wonder in Puerto Princesa. This tour will give you a breathtaking experience of watching them closely as they glow together in clusters. Definitely a satisfying 20-30 minutes trip of watching them in pitch darkness with only the stars above you and the amazing fireflies by the trees.



puerto princesa baywalk
Puerto Princesa Baywalk
firefly watching palawan
Firefly Watching


Honda Bay island hopping is the most popular island hopping trip when in Puerto Princesa. It has about 11 islands in total but a day tour would recommend visiting 3 islands. The top 3 most visited islands would be (1) Starfish Island, (2) Luli Island and (3) Cowrie Island.

How to get to Honda Bay? To get here the DIY way, proceed to Mendoza Park and ride multicabs with Sta Lordes Honda Bay signage. These multicabs will go directly to the wharf where you can rent a boat for Honda Bay island hopping. In addition, it also passes by Robinsons Mall and Hue Hotel which makes it more convenient if you will be staying anywhere near that area.

Environmental fee is Php150.00/pax and terminal fee is Php5.00/pax only. Refer to the photo below for updated boat rental rates. Important note: cut-off time of island hopping is at 2:30pm.

There are snorkeling gears available for rent at the registration area. I highly recommend renting your snorkeling gears here rather than renting gears on each island you will visit which will definitely cost you more. But if you have your own gears, might as well just bring it with you.

  • Starfish Island – entrance fee Php50.00/pax
  • Luli Island – entrance fee Php70.00/pax
  • Cowrie Island – entrance fee Php100.00/pax


For hassle-free tour with hotel pick up and drop off service: BOOK DISCOUNTED HONDA BAY ISLAND HOPPING TOUR VIA KLOOK

Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary
Starfish Island (Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary)
Snorkeling Area @ Starfish Island
Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary
Luli Island
Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary
Cowrie Island
honda bay boat rental fee
Honda Bay Boat Rental Rates


You’ve never really been to Puerto Princesa if you didn’t go to the UNESCO World Heritage Underground River. A tour to the subterranean river will take up a whole day, considering the 2 hours travel from Puerto Princesa City to Sabang, a 20 minute boat ride and the actual Underground River tour itself.

Upon reaching the start of the Underground River tour, there will be an assigned boatman for each group. The boatman will serve as your tour guide as well. Take note that this is an audio tour so they will provide you a single ear piece where you can listen to an audio about the cave.

Don’t forget to bring along dry bag with extra clothes, towel, flip flops, water bottle, insect repellent, sunscreen and cash in local currency.

How to go to the Underground River DIY way?

Step 1: Charter a tricycle and head to the San Jose Terminal which is located in San Jose Public Market.
Step 2: There are jeepneys, ordinary buses and van going to Sabang Port. Advise the driver that you are going to the Underground River. Fare ranges from Php200.00-300.00 depending on what mode of transportation you will choose from and the travel time is 2-3 hours.
Step 3: From the Sabang Port, go to the information center and register.

Sabang beach port palawan
Sabang Port
underground river palawan DIY
Boat going to Underground River Tour

Underground River Expenses (DIY Expenses)

  • Php735.00/person registration fee (Entrance fee Php500.00; Environmental fee Php150.00; Audio device Php85.00)
  • Boat rental fee is Php1,100.00 good for 6 person

For hassle-free tour with hotel pick up and drop off: BOOK DISCOUNTED UNDERGROUND RIVER TOUR HERE PHP1,900.00/pax

underground river palawan DIY
Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary
Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary
Puerto Princesa DIY Itinerary

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