Guide to Pandan Island

2024 Travel Guide to Pandan Island in Occidental Mindoro

If you are looking for things to do when in Occidental Mindoro, make sure to save this Pandan Island DIY Itinerary for your reference. Learn about the things to do, updated rates and how to get there through this travel guide.

Storytime, so it wasn’t my first time in Pandan Island. I first came here last September 2022 and it wasn’t a good weather so I did not enjoy my trip. Now that I was able to revisit it last February 2023, I’m so happy because finally it was such a good day! The skies were clear, sun is up, the waves were friendly and the sea was painted in turquoise blue. Just in time to try the longest island to island zipline too!


Guide to Pandan Island

About Pandan Island

To give you a bit of information, Pandan Island is a famous destination in Occidental Mindoro because it is known to be a Sea Turtle inhabited island. Thus, making it a favorite go-to island by visitors and tourists alike.

In addition, its proximity gives people more reason to visit the place. Aside from the Sea Turtles it will only take approximately 20 minutes and you’ll find yourself indulging in Pandan Island’s pristine beach.

How to Get There

Option 1: Via Air

From Manila, book a flight going to San Jose Airport (SJI) in Occidental Mindoro. Upon arriving, ride a tricycle that will take you to the bus station (Php20.00). Subsequently, ride a bus bound to Sablayan (Php200-250.00).

Option 2: Via Land & Ferry Transportation

Step 1: From Manila, ride a bus in Cubao bound to Batangas Port. JAM Liner offers this route and they have daily schedule. The fare is approximately 200-300 and the travel time is 2-3 hours.

Step 2: From Batangas Port, board a ferry to Abra de Ilog. There are daily schedules that departs every hour, last trip is 11pm and first trip is 2am the next morning. The fare is Php572.00 and the travel time is 1 hour. To those bring their cars, car fare is Php2,860.00 which includes 1 free passenger fare (driver).

Step 3: From Abra de Ilog, ride a bus to Sablayan. Bus fare is Php270.00 per person and travel time is 2-3 hours.

Step 4: Upon arriving in Sablayan you can either go to Pandan Island by (1) Zipline or (2) boat rental. If you choose to go by zipline, proceed to Sablayan Zipline Adventure. But if you choose to travel via boat, proceed to Fish Landing Center and rent a boat which is Php350.00 per person and an additional of Php50.00 each for every exceeding passenger. Glass boat rental is Php2,200.00 for the whole boat.

san jose airport sablayan

Pandan Island Updated Rates

Below are the updated rates as of March 2023.

Entrance FeePhp300.00
Environmental Fee (Diver)Php275.00
Environmental Fee (Non-Diver)Php55.00

For overnight, there are budget rooms available in Pandan Island. Entrance fee is already included for overnight stay.

Fan Room & common CR (2 pax) with dinnerPhp2,100.00
Fan Room with own CR (2 pax) with dinnerPhp2,980.00
Family Room with own CR (8 pax)Php8,800.00

For meals, there is also a restaurant in Pandan Island which is open from 7am – 2pm daily. The rate for dinner buffet is Php500.00/pax and other meals for breakfast or lunch range from Php200.00 – Php300.00.

pandan island diy

Things To Do in Pandan Island

Below are some of the things to do and expect when in Pandan Island! Don’t miss out the longest island to island zipline in Asia and swim with Sea Turtles too.

Swim and Snorkel with Sea Turtles

Good news is Pandan Island is still inhabited by Sea Turtles. Bad news is it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll see Sea Turtles. The simple answer is because these Sea Turtles lives freely in the ocean. But since they are in abundance, there is still high chance of seeing them swimming around the island.

The biggest Sea Turtle I’ve ever swam with was a 4 feet Green Sea Turtle in Pandan Island. That was a close encounter too and truly one for the books experience! The experience was too precious enough to grab my Gopro and take videos.

Experience the Glass Boat

I’m not going to deny it but it was my first time experiencing a glass boat as mode of transportation to and from the island. This is a good choice for tourists who are not planning to do some swimming and/or snorkeling activities.

The experience was like being inside Ocean Park and seeing the marine creatures behind glass walls. Except that this experience gives you a nice good look at the sea creatures living in the ocean and not in a humongous aquarium.

Glass boat rental is Php2,200.00.

pandan island glass boat
pandan island glass boat

Water Activities Like Kayaking

Fun fact! Did you know that water activities like jet skis, banana boats or any propelled vehicles are prohibited in the island? Yeap! Since Pandan Island is a Sea Turtle inhabited island, they prevented these kinds of water activities so it won’t scare the Sea Turtles away.

Anyhow, there are other things you can do like Kayaking (Php250.00 per hour) and Paddle Boarding (Php200.00 per hour) which are more friendly and less stressful to the Turtles living in the island.

Swimming, Snorkeling and Freediving

Aside from swimming and snorkeling, there is also an option for Freediving!

pandan island diy
Guide to Pandan Island drone shot

Try the Longest Island to Island Zipline in Asia!

Time for a 3 minutes and 10 seconds zipline! Considered as the longest island to island zipline in Asia covering a total cable length of 1.7km, and the first inner-island zipline with back and forth motorized pulley.

If you’re going to ask me, this is the best way to go to Pandan Island! So if you’re not afraid of heights, you might want to try this going to Pandan Island and just rent a glass boat on your way back.

For booking procedure, coordinate/visit at Sablayan Tourism Office via walk-in or phone call at 09171706723 or 099885465917.

Park EntrancePhp10.00
Wall ClimbPhp50.00
Zip Line (Sablayeno) one wayPhp300.00
Zip Line (Non-Sablayeno) one wayPhp500.00
logest island to island zipline

Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  • Please use reef-safe sunscreens! Especially that Pandan Island has lots of Sea Turtles and beautiful coral reef. Get your reef-safe sunscreen from Magwai and use my code JOANA10 to get discounts.
  • When swimming with Sea Turtles, please avoid touching them! Keep a safe 3 meter distance.

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