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2024 Dasol Beach in Pangasinan + Shipwreck Diving: Itinerary & Budget

Dasol Beach or most commonly known as Tambobong Beach is another beach destination that should be on your list when in Pangasinan. I can still remember the first time I visited this enthralling beach destination last December of 2020. It was the serene beach that made me sprawl in its white sand and bask in the afternoon sun.

So if you are tired of huge waves in the West Philippine sea? This part of Pangasinan will definitely give you a taste of calm beach like that of a swimming pool perfect for family gatherings with little children. Aside from its serene characteristic, the beach also features a mini shipwreck that lies at 4 meters under where snorkelers and freedivers could spot and dive.

dasol pangasinan drone shot
Villa Balinmanok Recudo 2

About Dasol Pangasinan

Dasol is a 3rd class municipality located in the Western side of the province of Pangasinan, Philippines. It is a popular town for the production of commercial salts. Moreover, Dasol also offers a wide variety of seafood products which is also the main source of livelihood in the area.

Similarly, the tourist destinations in Dasol gives the place an opportunity to create jobs for the locals. One of which is the famous Tambobong beach in Dasol. The best place to spend a relaxing vacation in Dasol is at Villa Balinmanok. Continue reading below for more information.

Where to Stay

I highly recommend to stay at Villa Balinmanok Resort — a private resort near Tambobong beach. Why? Firstly, Villa Balinmanok offers a wide range of choices on where to stay in the resort. They have Recudo 1, 2, 3, and 4. Secondly, the beach resembles like that of Siargao’s abundant tropical palm trees, Boracay’s rock formation (Willy’s Rock), and picturesque spots like Siquijor’s Paliton beach.

Secondly, the location of the resort gives you an easy access to Colibra Island — a small private island open to tourists, which is just about 15-20 minutes boat ride away from Villa Balinmanok. Lastly, Villa Balinmanok offers a shipwreck experience about 4 meters below for snorkeling, skindiving and/or freediving.

Exact Location: Villa Balinmanok Recudo 2

Day-tour Cottage (6 person)Php1,000.00
Overnight Cottage (6 person)Php1,500.00
Fan RoomPhp2,500.00
AC RoomPhp5,000.00
Dasol pangasinan
Villa Balinmanok Recudo 2

Where to Eat

For food and water, grillers are available when you rent a cottage. And for room accommodation, kitchens are also available to use. There are no restaurants in the resort for meals, so make sure to bring cooked meals or food you can grill. Don’t forget to bring charcoal! But in case you forget, they are selling at the resort.

Other Useful Information

  • Internet reception and signal is quite good for both Globe and Smart networks.
  • Parking lots are available since the private resort is also spacious.
  • You may bring camping essentials like tent, cookware, hammock, etc.

How to get there?

Option 1: From Dagupan City

Dasol is about 2 hours from Dagupan City to Dasol. There is no direct connection from Dagupan to Dasol. However, you can take the bus from Dagupan City to Alaminos then transfer to another local bus bound to Sta. Cruz in Zambales. Buses leave Alaminos terminal of Victory Liner every 30 minutes. Dasol is less than an hour ride, the fare is approximately P50-P100.

Option 2: From Manila

There are 2 ways to go to Dasol from Manila. Firstly, you can ride a night bus from Victory Liner in Cubao bound to Sta. Cruz, Zambales via Alaminos that passes directly to the town of Burgos and Dasol. Take note that trips are limited.

Secondly, ride a bus going to Alaminos City. Victory Liner, Solid North Bus, Dagupan Bus, Five Star Bus and Philippine Rabbit have daily trips to Alaminos City (depending on the current situation due to COVID-19). Aircon bus fare is approximately P350.00 one-way Manila to Alaminos, while ordinary (non-aircon) bus fare is around P250.

Things To Do in Dasol Beach Pangasinan

Aside from swimming or photo ops for the gram, there are a bunch of things to do here especially if you are staying in a 2-day trip. So I highly suggest an overnight trip in Dasol beach Pangasinan.

Enjoy Kayaking

Kayak is available for rent at Villa Balinmanok Recudo 2 for Php300.00 per day. The best thing about kayaking here is that the beach is calm and is perfect for a relaxing kayak at the beach. You can also use the kayak to visit the shipwreck spot which is about 100 meters from the shore.

dasol beach
Dasol Beach in Pangasinan

Check Out The Shipwreck in Dasol

Did you know? The history of this Chinese boat-wreck was way back 10 years ago when a group of foreign people tried to smuggle illegal drugs to our country. They were caught by coast guards and therefore the boat was parked 100 meters from the shore. Eventually, the ship sank due to huge typhoons that passed through the ocean of Dasol. Today, the shipwreck became a famous snorkeling and freediving spot to locals and tourists visiting the private beach resort in the province.

Insider tip:

  • The shipwreck is located in Villa Balinmanok Recudo 2. Take note that there are Recudo 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Villa Balinmanok. If you want to check out this shipwreck for freediving/snorkeling, make sure to reserve your cottage/room in Recudo 2.
  • The floating cottage will be your guide to swim from the shore for about 100 meters going to the location of the shipwreck.
  • This shipwreck in Dasol is also Aquaholics Freediving‘s 2nd training ground for Introduction to Freediving course. Contact them on Facebook if you want to learn freediving!
  • Watch my shipwreck diving on Youtube here!
shipwreck in dasol pangasinan
View from a drone shot
shipwreck dasol pangasinan
Mermaid: Liza Gabao | Instagram @lizagabao

Side-trip in Colibra Island

Are you in for an island hopping? Make sure to visit Colibra Island which is just about 15-20 minutes boat ride from Villa Balinmanok. The resort also offers a boat for rent going to Colibra for Php1,500.00 day-tour and Php2,000.00 overnight (good for 8-10) people.

I made a separate travel guide to Colibra Island, read my travel guide here!

Dasol to colibra island
Colibra Island March 2021

Picture-perfect Spots For The Gram!

I know this will keep the fun going! Who wouldn’t love an IG-worthy photo for the ‘gram?! Definitely not me ’cause I’m very OC with my Instagram feed too. Lol. So better check these amazing photo ops in Dasol Beach in Pangasinan.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these spots for photoshoot!

dasol pangasinan
Paliton beach in Siquijor Vibe
dasol beach
Boracay beach Vibe | Instagram: @joansfootprints_
Villa balinmanok
Siargao Vibe

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