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Pukaway Cave in Coron, Palawan: Everything You Need to Know + New Travel Destination in Coron

Pang UNESCO ang datingan!” our group commended as we first laid our eyes upon such breath-taking natural cave. Above all caves I’ve seen, Pukaway Cave is yet the best of ’em all! When you describe a cave with limestones, rock formation and natural pool inside, it sounds like the normal kind of caves you’ve seen before. But Pukaway Cave is different! There is something special about it that makes it exceptional from the other caves I’ve seen. (Pukaway Cave Itinerary)

I created this Pukaway Cave travel guide to help you or better yet convince you to visit this cave when you’re in Coron, Palawan. After all, I wouldn’t be recommending this or end up writing a blog about it if it’s not worth it. So continue reading if you want to know more about it.

pukaway cave
Pukaway Cave DIY Travel Guide

About Pukaway Cave

Pukaway Cave just recently opened its doors to tourists this 2023. It was previously a private property by a local in Coron who decided to finally share its breath-taking beauty to tourists and visitors.

Unlike other caves, this cave did not have that big mouth where people can easily go inside. Instead, it has a very narrow mouth which makes entering the cave a bit challenging. Tourists are encouraged to wear helmets and clog shoes for protection. But there is no need to worry because in just a few steps you are already inside the cave.

How to Get to Pukaway Cave?

It is easy to get to Pukaway Cave even without booking a tour with a travel agency. You can go to Pukaway Cave DIY way but you have to take note that this is only recommended if you are traveling with a large group to minimize the expenses. Otherwise, the best option will be to book with a travel agency.

Step 1: Book a flight from Manila (MNL) – Coron (USU)

Step 2: From Coron airport, ride a van outside going to Coron proper or ask the driver to drop you off to your accommodation in Coron. The van fare is Php250.00/USD5 each and the travel time is 25-30 minutes.

Step 3: Proceed to the loading area of boats then rent a boat that will take you to Pukaway Cave. It is only about 15-25 minutes away and the boat rental fee is Php3,500.00/USD63 good for 12 people.

coron loading area
Loading Area/Coron Port

Pukaway Cave Entrance Fee

The entrance fee to Pukaway Cave is Php600.00 each. It’s quite pricey to consider but just like what our tour guide said when asked why it’s expensive, “kayo nalang po magsabi kung bakit pag nakita niyo na.”

At first I was just expecting a typical cave experience. But his answer made me more curious and excited to see it. You can guess how we all reacted when we saw the cave. Yeap! Pang-UNESCO ang datingan!

Where to Stay in Coron

We stayed at Maritonies Place in Coron for 5 days and 4 days. We booked our fan room with own bathroom for only Php550.00 per night good for 2. They have fast internet, free coffee and free use of the kitchen if you want to cook. I highly recommend this place if you are a budget traveler.






Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  1. Wear proper footwear like clog shoes and aqua shoes to protect your feet from the sharp rocks.
  2. Bring drybag to protect your gadgets.
  3. No need to bring flashlights, there are solar lights placed inside the cave.

What to Expect in Pukaway Cave

Our boat arrived in front of what seemed like a small piece of beach shore with limestone rocks on each side. From there, the cave caretakers assisted us upon registration and we paid the entrance fee of Php600.00 each. It was a bit pricey for an entrance fee which almost led us into backing out. Even so, we just all agreed to go since it’s a new destination in Coron which only opened 7 months ago from today (October 2023).

From the registration area, there are helmets you need to wear for head protection when entering the cave. Our tour guide also gave us a brief history about the cave and what to expect before we went inside.

pukaway cave diy
Before entering Pukaway Cave

Short Spelunking Trip

There was a short spelunking trip upon entering the mouth of the cave. It’s about 2-5 minutes going down depending on your pacing. Mind you, the cave is really narrow so be very careful.

Additionally, there are solar lights inside the cave and they also built stairs made of steel so it is easier for tourists to enter the cave.

pukaway cave spelunking
Pukaway Cave Itinerary

The Enchanting Hidden Cave in Coron

I can remember the words that came out from my mouth when I first saw the cave, “Pang UNESCO Heritage ang level nito!

Behold, an enchanting cave unfolded in front of us. The cave exceeded our expectations! Now we see and understand why the entrance fee is a bit pricey. We were in complete awe! My friends even told me it’s the best cave they’ve seen so far and I second that.

The still water inside the cave reflected the glittery limestone rock formations hanging downwards from the cave’s ceiling. It was so still that the clear visibility of the water made it too attractive and tempting to be resisted for a swim!

pukaway cave travel guide
Pukaway Cave Travel Guide
pukaway cave itinerary
how to get to pukaway cave?
Pukaway cave

Swimming & Freediving Inside the Majestic Pukaway Cave

Freediving in Pukaway Cave is definitely a MUST! The water inside the cave is so clear you can see the rock formations below even without snorkeling. What more if you dive in the water with masks and/or goggles on.

We are all freedivers in the group so freediving was given. We jumped in the water as soon as we arrived. And we were lucky because we had the cave all to ourselves. There were no other tourists so it felt like we rented the whole place. Lol.

And just like the cave’s ceiling, there were rock formations below too. The most notable one is the one that resembles the baloney pony of men. Haha!

freediving in pukaway cave
pukaway cave freediving
The “rock” LOL

Free Use of Rubber Boat & Bamboo Raft

There are rubber boats and bamboo raft inside the cave which you can use for free if you want to explore the surroundings of the cave. Our friends tried it after the first group of tourists used it.

pukaway cave itinerary

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