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Longest Zip Line in Bicol: Matacong Zip Line

A thrilling experience awaits for you in the municipality of San Lorenzo Ruiz, Camarines Norte. Experience the fun as you fly like superman or just sit and watch a breathtaking scenery in the longest zip line in Bicol, Matacong Zip Line!

Whether you are on for adventure or not, this will surely give you a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. At the end of the zip line is also the jump off point to the hidden gem in San Lorenzo Ruiz, the stunning Nacali falls which is 1 1/2 hour trek away.

matacong zip line san lorenzo ruiz

SLR Zipline Adventure

Also known as the Matacong Zipline, this adventure boasts of the longest zipline in Bicol Region with its 750 meter long zipline. Built in October of 2016, intended to promote tourism in San Lorenzo Ruiz was made possible by Mayor Nelson de los Santos.

As early as 9:00 in the morning, our team got here to gear up for an exciting adventure. There was a short briefing conducted by the operators and after that we hopped on to experience the longest zipline in Bicol.

This is where we prepared and put on our harness to get ready. It was just beside the starting point of the zipline and is also the briefing area. The zipline is operating daily at 8AM to 4:30PM.

matacong zip line

Matacong Zip Line

The zipline experience took almost 2 minutes in total basing on the video clip I took with my GoPro. As usual, I lined up last to take videos and photos.

And finally! When it was my turn I was all excited to get a video clip of this experience. I was overwhelmed by the breathtaking view and it was long enough to enjoy the experience. I personally think it’s a unique starting point to trek to the stunning Nacali Falls. Imagine experiencing the longest zipline in Bicol as the first part to get to the falls. I think it’s unique and fun to start an adventure!

matacong zip line

Matacong Zip Line Rates

  • Sitting (2 way ride): PHP250.00 per person
  • Superman (2 way ride): PHP350.00 per person

Judging from the rates and considering that it’s the longest zipline in Bicol, the price is affordable and reasonable compared to the other ziplines I’ve tried. Other ziplines usually ranges from PHP400.00 to PHP500.00 on a one way ride. Although Matacong Zipline owns the title of longest zipline in Bicol Region, the price range is not bad for a 2 way ride! Question is, does that sound convincing enough to come and try it? Of course!

longest zip line in bicol

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Below is also a picture of me after the zipline experience, and is also the jump off point to Nacali Falls. I will blog about it soon so stay tuned on my next posts!

matacong zip line

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