treasure mountain

Treasure Mountain: Effortless sea of clouds

Whatever the situation, people always love the thought of witnessing sea of clouds up in the mountains especially during sunset or sunrise. For some reason, it gives us peace of mind and a relaxing feeling just by watching it. Going up in the mountains can never be really memorable and complete without a sea of clouds. Treasure Mountain gave non-hikers a chance to experience this without exhausting too much effort.

Most of us think that in order to see one, we need to hike in the mountains which is a bit contradicting to some because not all of us love the idea of hiking. Sometimes, it can be really hard to get what we want. Especially when we want it the most during our stressful weeks at work and we just needed a short time to be up in the mountains witnessing sun rise with a sea of clouds. I know that it can be really frustrating, but, worry no more! Because we found the perfect place for you to witness a sea of clouds without an exhausting hike on the ingredients.

treasure mountain

Things to do in Treasure Mountain

Treasure Mountain in Tanay offers a glamping experience with a stunning view of the mountains and a tranquil atmosphere as a bonus. I remember walking around here and the place is just peaceful and calm. It felt like you’re spirit is at peace. Truly, nature at its finest!

Relaxing your mind, body, and soul

I’ve been to a lot of mountains and I’ve spent countless overnight camping too, if there’s something special about this place, that would be the unending sea of clouds as your background the whole day. The fog come and go from time to time. The last time I had this experience was back in Buscalan and it’s located in one of the very high mountains of Benguet like that of Sagada and Bontoc. Treasure mountain in Rizal, on the other hand, is only 2 hours drive from Manila and already would be one to compare.

treasure mountain

Stretch your body for a thrilling activity

Although glamping tents and picturesque spots are the most popular here, they also have a giant web-like obstacle course like that of Masungi Georeserve’s. For those of you who haven’t been there in Georeserve, the entrance fee is quite expensive and it’s about PHP1800.00 per head. Although the total experience was really awesome and breathtaking, here in Treasure mountain is a cheap alternative. It’s just a smaller version but the view is still astonishing.

treasure mountain obstacle course

My friend and I were supposed to try this but we weren’t lucky enough since it was drizzling that time so we didn’t want to get into any trouble of slipping or catching colds. We went on to check out the whole place, there are also a lot of rock formations like that of Mt. Pamitinan in Montalban, Rizal and in Masungi Georeserve. I think they all have the same type of rocks in Rizal.

treasure mountain

Side-trip: El Patio Razon Kawa Hot Bath

How to get there

For private vehicles, download Waze app. It’s surprisingly faster and easier than finding your way through google maps.

For DIY’s, from Cubao ride a jeepney to Cogeo. Then take a jeepney to Sampaloc, alight at Sitio Maysawa. Ride a tricycle to Treasure Mountain (PHP30.00 each for a group of 5).

Address: Sitio Maysawa Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, 1980 Rizal

Side trip: El Patio Razon Kawa Bath in Tanay, Rizal, Read more here.

el patio razon tanay rizal

Expenses and other information

  • Entrance Fee (Day tour) PHP150.00/pax (3 USD) 5AM – 3 PM
  • Entrance Fee (Overnight) Php200/pax (4 USD) 4PM-1PM the next day
  • Operating Days/Hours For updated operating days/hours, please check their Facebook page linked below
  • Active Facebook Page: Treasure Mountain
  • Cottage rental PHP300.00/cottage (6 USD)
  • Tent pitching fee PHP300.00/tent (6 USD)
  • Tent rental: PHP500.00/tent (10 USD) good for 2 pax;
  • PHP800.00/tent (16 USD) good for 4 pax
  • Sleeping mat PHP200.00/mat (4 USD)
  • Rope Course Rates: Spider’s Web (day tour) (overnight) PHP150.00 (3 USD); Whole course (day tour) (overnight) PHP350.00 (7 USD) ; PHP250.00 (5 USD)
  • Motorcycle parking fee PHP20.00 day tour; PHP30.00 overnight
  • Private vehicle PHP30.00 day tour; PHP50.00 overnight
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