LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter

Everything You Need To Know About LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter

The smallest underwater scooter in the world is finally here! Launched last January 2022 of this year, the LEFEET S1 Pro will give you an exciting new way of exploring the underwater world. With its hi-tech feature upgrades and enhanced durability that underwater enthusiasts will surely love!

Here is an article that includes everything you need and want to know about the LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter!


LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter

Exciting Facts About LEFEET S1 Pro

Smallest Underwater Scooter In The World

The newest generation of the LEFEET S1 Pro is 5% smaller than the original S1. The design is very compact and lightweight which makes it perfect for traveling too!

I personally love this part that it is very compact because I’m a frequent traveler and a light packer at the same time. I can’t imagine bringing a bulky scooter with me every single time I travel and freedive. So if you are looking for a scooter you can use for underwater sightseeing, get this now!

Enhanced Durability

Did you know that the propellers are made of carbon-fiber material which gives it the power to withstand more pressure or any damage it may get from underwater use? As a freediver’s point of view, a carbon-fiber material for a propeller is a total steal!

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Charging & Battery life

Compared to the previous S1 scooter, the S1 Pro has 16% more battery life! The operating time is 35-70 minutes for normal use.

Charging the S1 Pro is as easy as charging any mobile devices. It will require you to charge (1) the battery of the unit itself and (2) the remote controller. Charging is about 2.5 hours for the unit and 1.5 hours for the remote control. Important notice: do not forget to turn off both the unit and remote control before charging it.

4 Different Diving Modes

“On what circumstances can we use LEFEET S1 Pro?”

Snorkeling. The scooter is perfect for a snorkeling adventure too! Imagine a coral garden in front of you and all you have to do is to hold on to your scooter and it will help you tour around the coral garden.

Swimming. Make your swimming more fun with this underwater toy! It’s probably the closest thing to being a fish, lol.

Deep Diving. If you want to enjoy your scuba diving even more, an underwater scooter can help you! Since the battery life of an S1 Pro can last up to an hour, you can use this the whole time during your scuba adventure. Just make sure your scooter is fully charged!

Freediving. Several ways you can use a scooter for freediving: (1) during fundiving and (2) during training. Yes you can use the scooter for depth training too! The scooter has a 40 meter depth rating which makes it perfect for safety budying a freediver during training.

LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter
underwater scooter

3 Speed Settings

There are 3 speed settings which are (1) Low, (2) Medium and (3) High. I tried using all 3 speed settings and I observed that the speed setting will also depend on your needs. If you are aiming for faster or slower speed, you can change it using the remote control of your S1 Pro.

Note: As the battery power is dropping, the power will gradually weaken too and there will be an automatic speed reduction.

Where To Buy LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter



What’s In The Box When You Buy A LEFEET S1 Pro

  1. Main Unit Cover x 1
  2. Main Unit x 1
  3. Remote Control x 1
  4. Handle x 2
  5. Handle Knob x 1
  6. Quick-Disassemble Screws x 2
  7. Handle Bracket x 1
  8. Battery x 1
  9. Battery Charger x 1
  10. Screw Driver x 1
  11. O Ring (spare) x 1
  12. Remote Control Charge Cable x 1
  13. Lost-Prevention Strap x 1
  14. Quality Certificate x 1
  15. User Manual x 1

Assembling your unit is as easy as following an instruction of a Lego toy. Meaning to say even a 10-year old kid can assemble this on their own. Don’t worry because the unit comes with a user manual that will help you assemble the S1 Pro. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

LEFEET S1 Pro Underwater Scooter

How To Care For Your Underwater Scooter

In order to maintain good performance, refer below for the following steps for maintenance.

  1. Immerse the unit in a container full of clean fresh water (not seawater) for 30 minutes.
  2. Dry the main unit with a soft, clean, dry cloth.
  3. Do not store the LEFEET S1 Pro in too high or too low temperature, too dry or too wet, direct sunlight and dust environment, which may cause damage overtime.
  4. If not use for a long time, please recharge the battery every 3 months.

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