reasons to start freediving

Here’s Why You Should Start Freediving

Are you stuck between wanting to try freediving and “no because I’m not a good swimmer”? Or are you just waiting for signs to make you start trying? This is it! Here are the top reasons why you should start freediving.

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Freediving Combats Anxiety

“Face Your Fears” — Aquaholics Freediving

Freediving is more than just a sport. It is a life teacher too.

Many of the people whom I’ve asked “Why Freediving?“, their answers would often be because they want to relax and/or getaway with life’s responsibilities and heartaches. Little do they know that this sport will help them overcome their anxieties in life.

  1. Freediving suggests a good night sleep/rest the night before
  2. Avoid caffeine intake (to reduce the chance of palpitation and to lessen mucus-producing drink) and alcohol
  3. Meditate and practice mindfulness
  4. Eating a balanced diet
  5. Practice deep breathing

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Why You Should Start Freediving

You Meet A Community

This is where you meet different people from different walks of life. Once you find yourself in a community where you feel most welcome, this is where you start learning from them. By listening to their stories, getting to know them, knowing what is and what not, you will start growing as a person. Eventually you pick up a bunch of lessons from these people.

Ever since I started freediving, I met good people who became one of my best friends too. I found real friendship and a safe place I can call home.

Why You Should Start Freediving
Training Together!
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Freediving Provides A Quick Escape To Life’s Daily Routine

The lifestyle is a must. What is better than waking up in the morning with the sound of the waves, unzipping your tent’s net to see the skies painted in blue, and the beautiful ocean in front of you?

Yeap. I get that life is full of responsibilities. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with chasing your dreams. But we can’t also deny the fact that we get burnt-out from life’s daily routine. It is what it is. But you also have to know that there’s nothing wrong with unwinding. Life shouldn’t be a flatline of responsibilities.

Escaping the daily routine of your life once in awhile can help you recharge and get back on track. So never ever be selfish of what you deserve.

Why You Should Start Freediving

You Become An Ocean Warrior

Once you start freediving, you automatically become an instant ocean warrior too. It gives you the chance to get closer to underwater wildlife and understand their natural habitats.

Most freediving schools suggests some helpful practices like doing cleanup dives and shore cleanups. Educating people to stop throwing garbage in the ocean or learning how to recycle plastics instead of throwing them.

I personally adore some brands who helps make these kinds of projects come true like and the DOERs on Facebook. Below is a photo of me sharing to my Instagram friends how helps our ocean by providing the sea creatures a better place to live.

Good For The Health

I think one of the biggest impact that freediving did to my life is how it changed my lifestyle. Below are some health benefits of Freediving.

Meditation and Yoga

Firstly, meditation and yoga. Freediving is not only when you are in the water. Breath-hold can improve through meditation and yoga. When you do yoga, it helps you connect your mind to your body. Hence, giving you a much relaxed mindset that will be a big help to prolong your breath-hold.

For instance, having a troubled mind will hinder relaxation and can affect your breath-hold during your descent. But when you learn the power of meditation, it can help your mind transition from troubled to relaxed.

Note that yoga is not only for the flexible people. Yoga is connecting your mind to your body. If you do it without meditation, it is merely an acrobatics.

Healthy Food Lifestyle

When you start taking your freediving journey to the next level, you’ll notice a significant change in your diet too. You become more vigilant of what you eat and drink. For instance, alcohol intake affects your performance and mucus-producing food and drinks will block your nasals for equalization.

In my freediving journey, I’ve seen lotsa people turning tables for freediving. But I never saw it as one’s sacrifice, it is merely an act of love for freediving. After all, if you love something so dearly there is no such thing as forceful sacrifice. You do it out of love and passion not because it is a requirement.

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Here’s Why You Should Start Freediving by Joana Paola Gutierrez



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