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5 Simple Hacks You Should Know For Beginner Freedivers!

This write-up is beginner-friendly! I made this for beginner Freedivers who are new to this hobby. So I was thinking of the common problems I encountered before as a beginner and wound up creating helpful freediving hacks you should know as you start your freediving journey!

1. Mask Fogging: Use Baby Shampoo Instead of Toothpaste

Have you been experiencing mask fogging and can’t see clearly because of it? The OG solution to this problem is using toothpaste and/or shampoo to keep your mask lenses clear and avoid fogging! But I will recommend using baby shampoo instead of toothpaste! Here’s why..

Toothpaste has small particles that may cause little scratches on your mask’s lenses. We don’t want that, do we? So use shampoo as an alternative! But not those regular adult shampoos. Yes they are also effective but take note that it has strong ingredients that can hurt the eye. Therefore the best choice will be baby shampoo. As they say, “no more tears!” lol.

How to do it? Put small amount of baby shampoo on your mask’s lenses and apply it thoroughly. Let it spread then rinse it off.

beginner freedivers

2. Always Use Weights Whenever You Are Using Wetsuits

Truth be told, I didn’t know about this before. Use weights to counter your wetsuit’s buoyancy.

Let me share with you a story of how I got frustrated because I can’t do a shallow CNF dive. No matter how hard I try to reach the shallow sea bed, I just couldn’t do it. Well in my defense, I didn’t know before that it was my 2.5mm full body wetsuit hindering me to reach the sea bed. So don’t judge me. Lol.

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3. Say Goodbye to Stubborn Blisters

Do you often get blisters on your feet? That’s because you’re not using feet protection like dive socks! Actually, normal socks will do too but diving socks are more efficient.

The purpose of wearing socks is to avoid the skin from rubbing with the shoe pocket of your fins. This will cause blisters and can really hurt! So don’t let blisters take the word FUN away from your fundiving adventures. Dive comfortably by protecting your feet. 🙂

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4. Use Clear Masks to Lessen Mask Tan Lines

I didn’t know about this until I had one! I noticed that black masks tends to give more visible tan lines compared to clear masks. Clear masks will reduce visible tan lines because your face will darken fairly and that’s better than having visible uneven lines on your face, right?

So now you know, go get one for yourself! 🙂


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5. Getting Headaches? Try “Suob” or OTC Berocca

Headaches? You may be congested for your weekend freediving trip. Most people with sinusitis or allergic rhinitis can’t dive when they are experiencing headaches. Try suob or buy an OTC Berocca.

Suob is steam inhalation. You can try to add ointments like katinko or Vicks vaporub into the steamed water and inhale it. This will help clear passage airways and can relieve headaches caused by sinusitis, allergic rhinitis or colds.

freediving hacks
freediving hacks

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