Vinapor Blue Water Resort

2022 Guide To Vinapor Blue Water Resort (Budget + Itinerary)

Vinapor Blue Water Resort, previously known as Jurassic Beach Resort, is located in the province of Agusan del Norte. This cave pool is one of the top tourist spot when in Agusan del Norte. It is famous both to locals and tourists because of the man-made pool inside a cave.

Moreover, Vin4 is also a famous destination for family gatherings and group outings. Enjoy a day of swimming inside a cave pool, roam around the park, swim in the resort’s swimming pools, or go snorkeling and diving in its front beach. There’s a lot of things you can do inside the resort!

Vinapor Blue Water Resort

How to go to Vinapor Cave Pool

The closest airport to Vinapor Cave Pool is Butuan Airport (BXU). In our case, before we went to Surigao Port for our Dinagat Islands trip, we did a side-trip to Vinapor. Stay tuned for our Dinagat Islands trip!

From Butuan Airport, ride a multicab just outside the airport going to the terminal. Fare is Php50.00 each and travel time is 15 minutes. From the bus terminal, walk a short distance to the terminal of multicabs. After that ride a multicab bound to Carmen Integrated Bus Terminal. The fare is Php55.00 and travel time is 1 hour and 15 minutes. Then from Carmen bus terminal, charter a tricycle going to Vinapor or better knows as Jurassic Resort by the locals. Travel time is 45 minutes and the fare is Php60.00 each.

For more information, you may check their Facebook page here.

Vinapor Blue Water Resort

Things to do at Vinapor Blue Water Resort

Upon arriving at the resort, there is an entrance fee of Php50.00 which will give you access to the whole resort including the swimming pools, park, and front beach.

Swim Inside a Cave Pool

The cherry on top of our exhausting trip from Butuan Airport to Vinapor! Lol. Excuse our sleep-deprived attitude due to our early morning flight from Manila. But at least we finally made it to Vinapor Blue Water Resort!

It took us about 2.5 hours to get here with our flight luggage with us. So we took the time to relax for a moment inside the resort and did a bunch of photoshoot for the ‘gram.

The updated cave pool fee is Php500.00/hour good for 8 people. You have to rent the cave pool for private access. Before you enter the cave pool there will be a short briefing about the sharp rocks inside the cave, areas that needs extra caution, and of course NO JUMPING in the cave and in the pool.

Vinapor Blue Water Resort

Roam Around The Jurassic-Themed Park

After an hour inside the cave pool, we ordered snacks and roamed around the park while waiting. Inside the park there are animals like horses, giant dinosaur statues, the typical chairs to sit around the park and observe the plants and trees, and other more.

vin4 blue waters resort

Front Beach Snorkeling & Diving

Tell you what, as ocean-lovers and freedivers we got even more hyped up when we saw the front beach. There’s a diving spot where we saw people jumping into the water. That’s when we took our mask & snorkels and immediately jumped in.

We snorkeled around the area, it was just about 6-10 feet. So if you’re a freediver reading this, the answer is “no, there’s no dive spot here, lol.” There were a few small corals but most of them are dead probably because it’s too shallow and it’s where people jump to dive in.

jurassic resort

Swimming Pool Area

And of course, the resort has a swimming pool! The swimming pool is accessible and is part of the entrance fee you paid upon arriving at the resort.

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