Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park: Blog and Review

Days before our staycation in Vista Tala Resort, I was physically and emotionally stressed about work and grown up stuff. I went on a 2 days 1 night staycation with my co-bloggers last March 23-24 in a sophisticated resort in Orani, Bataan and poof, I found the best medication for my stress-fueled heart.

Before anything else, shout out to my co-bloggers for satisfying a relaxing weekend with me. Go follow them on their respective Facebook pages! Reyly of Travelokaloka Girl, Bobby of Travel Tayo PH, Ara of The Adventuress, Gerry of G Ventures PH, and our Miss Universe Junnel. Lol!

Vista Tala Resort is located in the isolated mountainous parts of Brgy. Tala in Orani, Bataan. Actually, it wasn’t my first time visiting Vista Tala, the first time I came here was with my family back in January of 2017. The resort that time compared to this day is still the same as before, it still guarantees a relaxing vacation with your family and friends.

Vista Tala: Resort on top of the Mountains

A perfect way to connect with nature, indulge in the stunning view of the mountains, swim in the infinity pool during sunset or sunrise, eat your dinner in a relaxing view deck, or dip in your own private jacuzzi while enjoying a can of beer, pretty much sums up Vista Tala!

Villa with Jacuzzi

We spent our staycation in a Villa with a private jacuzzi and a view deck. We had a great time dipping into the jacuzzi and it was like a typical night with your friends while sharing stories and experiences. Of course, a classy night is not without a can of beer.

Villa with Jacuzzi Vista Tala

Vista Tala Resort Swiming Pools

There are 3 swimming pools in the whole resort. The pool in the Acacia Pavilion, the main infinity pool with an overlooking view, and the instagrammable pool located on the opposite side. If you’ll ask me which one is the best, I personally enjoyed all the pools as it has its own unique way to impress you.

Friendly Reminder: proper swimming attire should be observed.

acacia pavillion pool
Acacia Pavilion Swimming Pool


infinity pool
Main Infinity Pool
Vista Tala pool
Instagrammable pool, Vista Tala Resort


Vista Tala Restaurant: Overlooking Dining Experience

This is the kind of dining experience that will surely stick around your memories for quite some time. Before coming back here the second time after 2 years, one of the best memories I remembered first was dining in their stylish restaurant. It was a simple concept of an overlooking view while dining just like any other restaurants in Tagaytay to compare, but I’m not quite sure if it’s just me or I just really appreciate this kind of dining concept. I appreciate a place more whenever I get the chance to connect with nature, and this restaurant is just too close to nature that I super enjoyed it.

Vista Tala Restaurant at night
Vista Tala Restaurant at night
good food

Activities: Zipline, Rappeling, Wall Climbing

If you think you’re done relaxing and you want an activity that will bring out that energy in you, here are a few activities to enjoy!

Activity Rates:

Zipline – PHP250.00/person

Rappeling – PHP150.00/person

Wall Climbing – PHP150.00/person

If you want a bird’s eye view of the whole resort, the best way is to try the zipline.

Zip line and Wall climbing

How to get there

For DIY travelers from Manila: 2 step travel

Step 1: Ride a Genesis bus in Cubao going to Orani in Bataan, travel time is 2 – 2.5 hours depending on traffic, bus fare is PHP192.00. Advise the driver/conductor to drop you off in Orani going to Brgy. Tala.

Step 2: From Orani, there’s a tricycle lane and the tricycle drivers will be the one to approach you first. Hire a tricycle to Vista Tala, standard fare is PHP50.00 per person.

Rates and Packages

Daytour: 9AM – 5PM

PHP600.00/adult (PHP200.00 consumable)

PHP360.00 for kids (PHP100.00 consumable)

Children 2 years old and below is FREE of charge.

Cottage – PHP122.00/person (additional charges may apply depending on the number of guests)

KTV Entertainment Rate

In-House Guests – PHP700.00/hour good for 8 person (PHP400.00 consumable)

Walk-In Guests – PHP1,000.00/hour good for 8 person (PHP500.00 consumable)

Additional PHP150.00/person on top of 8 person

Sweding Massage – PHP500.00 good for 1 hour

Vista Tala Restaurant Entrance Fee: PHP200.00/person (non-consumable)

For Online Bookings: Click here to book a reservation.

deluxe room with jacuzzi

Other Useful Information

Contact Information and Address:

Vista Tala Official Facebook Page Vista Tala Resort & Recreational Park

Address Tala, Orani, Bataan

Contact Number

Landline: (047) 613 6709

Mobile: Globe (0917) 5699 479; Smart (0999) 9904680

Email Address

Important Notes:

Guests are not allowed to bring in food

No pets allowed

No smoking zone

No littering

No cooking inside the resort

Reservation ahead of time is highly recommended

Cancellation of bookings shall forfeit any initial payment made

Payments to be settled via cash only

Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Reminders and FAQ’s

Is there a phone signal? Yes. However, the signal is not as strong compared in the city. The resort is located in the mountains so do not expect high signal coverage.

Is there a wifi? Yes. Available for in-house guests

Is there a parking lot? Yes.

Where can I book a reservation? Email them or send them a message on their facebook page here.

Other Photos

Click here for other Resorts near Manila. Le me know in the comments section below if you have any questions!

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