Gramercy Residences in Makati

20% OFF at ZEN Rooms, Gramercy Residences in Makati: Blog and Review

Infinity pool sitting on the 36th floor of a building in Gramercy Residences in Makati with a city view in the morning that transforms into city lights at night is so far the best staycation encounter I’ve ever had to date.

Last 2nd of February, Justin and I went on a staycation trip to ditch ourselves from our crazy and busy schedule at work. All thanks to Zen Rooms for arranging this staycation in Gramercy Residences for me and my friend!


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The Gramercy Residences in Makati

First thing you need to know, Gramercy Residences in Makati is a MUST VISIT staycation in Manila. If you wanna know why? Continue reading. Below are the list of amenities/facilities they offer.

Gramercy Residences in Makati

The Lobby

Honestly, as a traveler who’s been blogging for a year and 5 months now, I’m the type of person who don’t expect much of the place so I won’t get my heart broken over and over again. It has happened to me countless times whenever I travel because I always expect too much from a place I’ll be visiting and end up not satisfied at all. So I learned my lesson to expect less and let curiosity do its job to amaze me.

Arriving at the lobby of the hotel, I was cheerfully welcomed by the security guards and staff inside and outside the hotel. As I entered and basing from my judgement, the lobby’s interior designing from the lobby to their elevators are quite classy and sophisticated filled with chandeliers and lots of glass doors and walls. The Front Desk Clerk immediately assisted me and game me my access card together with my room keys after a few minutes.

What is an Access Card?

It’s a personal access card given to you to get an access with all the hotel’s amenities and facilities such as the elevators, the park on the ground floor, the swimming pool on the 36th floor, the gym on the 37th floor.

How do I get one?

After booking online, you will receive an email instructing you to send a soft copy of any valid ID’s at least 24 hours before check-in time so they could prepare your access card.

Is it Important to get an Access Card?

YES. Like I said, you’ll need it to have an access to the hotel’s elevators and other facilities.

Loft Type Room Tour

After checking in, we arrived in our room located on the 20th floor at 5:00 in the late afternoon. Justin and I took a few minutes to rest and appreciate the room.

By the way, the room that Zen Rooms prepared for us was a Loft type room. The room was really perfect for a staycation, you are allowed to cook and cooking utensils are already provided. The kitchen has a fridge, microwave, rice cooker, and a heater. There’s also a table for four and beside it is the living room area.

The comfort room and the bed is in the second floor of the loft type room. There are 2 air-conditioner as well, each in every floor. It’s also impossible to miss the veranda since it shows the astonishing city view especially at sunset.

loft type room in Gramercy Residences in Makati
loft type room

Garden Park

Located on the 36th floor out of 71 floors is the sophisticated infinity pool plus 2 other classy swimming pools. Enjoy a breathtaking view of the city during daylight and the glamorous city lights at night.

So after my friend and I arrived in our unit, we dropped our things and then off we go to the garden park located in the first floor just beside the lobby. We spent our time watching the skies change colors and the building of Gramercy Residences light into a beautiful building at night.

I haven’t been to Singapore (since I’ll just be going this coming March) but I think that the garden park has a very similar vibe to Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay. Sure the buildings are a lot taller and bigger, but the garden park is somewhat like a smaller replica. I really had a good time just walking around the garden park taking photos and filming for my vlog. It has a very soothing atmosphere that made me stay there for a few hours before deciding for a night swim in the 36th floor.

garden park, zen rooms, gramercy residences in makati

Gramercy Residences Swimming Pools

The infinity pool is probably the cherry on top of our staycation. Sitting on the 36th floor of a building is a very relaxing experience surely one for the books.

My friend and I decided to go for a night swim and a morning dip on the next day because we wanted to see the difference or how the pool looks like in the morning and in the evening. As we arrived in the 36th floor, I was really surprised that the place turned out to be just like those on the internet. If you’ll ask me if it was crowded that time, it was on a Saturday night and there were only a few people so you’ll really have a quality time pampering yourself.

The infinity pool at night versus in the morning is a very challenging comparison. I cannot decide which one is better because the pool has its own distinct characteristic whether you go during the night or at daylight. As I have previously mentioned above, the pool has a promising color that shines blue at night with the city lights as your main view, while at daylight, the pool transforms into a calmer vibe with the city as your main view. Both are very relaxing! So I suggest you go take a dip in the morning and night and I’ll just leave the decision to you if which one is better!

gramercy residences pool

Wellness and Gym

Just above the infinity pool in the 37th floor is the free use of the gym as long as you have your access card with you. The gym is complete with all the amenities you’ll be needing. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture of it since it’s not allowed.

About ZEN Rooms: Gramercy Residences in Makati

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Other Information

Contact Information:

Zen Rooms Official Facebook Page Zen Rooms

Zen Rooms Official Website Zen Rooms

Contact Number 63 2231 3338

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