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Dip into an infinity pool with a stunning view of the islets surrounding the resort is what you can expect at Perth Paradise Resort in Sipalay, Negros Occidental. If you want to avoid the tourist-magnet Bacolod or Dumaguete, a promising and relaxing experience awaits for you with just 4-5 hours drive.

Sipalay in Negros Occidental boasts off a number of budget resorts that is perfect for family gathering and barkada outings. Even for solo travelers like me, the accommodations provided are cheap and very affordable. The best one of them all and I highly recommend most especially for budget travelers is the Perth Paradise Resort.

Perth Paradise Resort sipalay

Where to Stay in Sipalay, Negros Occidental

Note that there are a lot of Pension House near the Sipalay Terminal ranging from PHP 300.00-PHP 500.00 per person. But if you’re a budget traveler just like me, you can stay at Langub Pension House which is just a 3-5 minute walk from the terminal. We paid for a fan room with own comfort room for PHP 500.00 (USD10) good for 2 person. The air-conditioned room is ranging from PHP 800.00 – PHP 1,000.00 for 2 person. There are karenderyas near the Pension House and other convenient stores for your needs.

Perth Paradise Resort: Everyone’s Paradise Resort

If you have been browsing on social media for quite some time now, you probably already know that Perth Paradise Resort is a popular destination in Western Visayas. Aside from its tranquil ambiance and a close to nature vibe, tourists are also coming here because it fits right on the budget.

Perth Paradise Resort day tour

Day Tour at Perth Paradise Resort

To tell you honestly, the infinity pool in the resort is a bit small. If you check on the photos circulating on social media, there’s only one side of the photo. Hence, a day tour in Perth Paradise Resort is enough to satisfy your travel needs. Also, there’s no phone reception in the area and the wifi is only exclusive for checked-in guests.

The day tour rate is PHP80.00 only but if you’ll swim in the infinity pool the rate per person is PHP100.00. There’s a restaurant upon entering the resort where you can eat your lunch or breakfast for a day tour. Other picturesque spots includes the floating cottage, the view on the roof top and the infinity pool with the islets for a view.

Overnight Accommodations

I’ve mentioned above that the size of the infinity pool in the resort is a bit small, but not to worry! There are other things you can do in the resort if you have a lot of time on your vacation like island hopping or land travel.

Below are the rates for an overnight accommodation at Perth Paradise Resort (updated as of August 2019):

Pert Paradise Resort Rates
Photo Credits to Perth Paradise Resort

For reservations: Perth Paradise Resort Facebook Page

How To Get There

From Bacolod

Sipalay is located in the Southern part of Negros Occidental which is also 4-5 hours drive from the city of Bacolod. Ride a Ceres Bus in Bacolod bound to Sipalay. The fare is PHP180.00 and the travel time is 5-6 hours. There’s also an option to ride a van (DPL Van Terminal, in front of Ceres Bus Termial) from Bacolod to Sipalay and the fare is PHP250.00 and travel time is only 3-4 hours. From the terminal, charter a tricycle going to Perth Paradise Resort, the fare is PHP70.00 per person.

From Dumaguete

Ride a Kabankalan Bus via Mabinay. From there, ride another bus going to Sipalay. The total fare is PHP180.00 and the travel time is 4-5 hours. From the terminal of Sipalay, charter a tricycle going to Perth Paradise Resort, the fare is PHP70.00 per person.

Things to do in Perth Paradise Resort

Swimming in the infinity pool

Experience swimming in the infinity pool of the resort that has a stunning view of the islets is probably the highlight of your Sipalay trip. Don’t miss getting that Instagram-worthy photos for your feed!

I honestly enjoyed swimming here even though the pool is just small because the view is really beautiful! What more can I ask for? A good swim with a paradise view is enough to satisfy a relaxing vacation.

Perth Paradise Resort

Island Hopping

Island hopping is famous in Sipalay and the boat rental is only P1500.00 (USD29) goof for maximum of 6 people. Islands to visit includes Tinagong Dagat, Punta Ballo, Island Cave, and Perth Paradise Resort.

You can also do land tour with tricycle drivers and the rate is P500.00 (USD10) per person. The prominent list of sights includes Poblacion Beach, Wow Sipalay Signage, Campoquino Bay, and Punta Ballo. You can contact Kuya Dojie at (0910) 582 2876 for land tour arrangements. Mind you, Kuya is a very good photographer! Lol

Experience Nature at the Floating Cottage

Upon entering the resort, you’ll first see the floating cottage just beside the restaurant. It’s quite big and there are locals and tourists swimming by the floating cottage. This is another picturesque spot and it’s a close to nature experience. You’ll only see trees and island beside the floating cottage while swimming or just enjoying the view.

Kayaking, Snorkeling and Scuba Diving

These are some of the activities you can do at Perth Paradise Resort. Below are the rates for each activity.

  • Kayaking – PHP250.00
  • Snorkelong – PHP250.00
  • Scuba Diving – PHP1,600.00 (for reservation only)

Important Contact

What I noticed to most tricycle drivers in Sipalay is once tourists gets off the bus from the terminal, a lot of them would come to you to offer a tour package. I personally hate being harassed by most tricycle drivers so to save you from the same experience, here’s a contact you can reach if you’re deciding to visit here soon. Kuya Dojie (0910) 582 2876

Suggested Itinerary (Day Tour)

Day 1
6PM Bacolod/Dumaguete to Sipalay
11PM Check in at Langub Pension House, lights out
6AM Wake up call, prepare for day tour, breakfast
7AM Start of land tour
12NN Lunch
1PM Start of island hopping
6PM ETD to Bacolod/Dumaguete

Suggested Itinerary (2 Days and 1 Night)

6AM Bacolod/Dumaguete to Sipalay
11AM Lunch, check in at Perth Paradise Resort, Free time
1PM Start island hopping
5PM End of tour
6PM Prepare for dinner, free time, socials, night swimming
9PM Lights out

Day 2
6AM Morning swim, breakfast, prepare for land tour
7AM Start of land tour
12NN End of land tour, check out, ETD to Bacolod/Dumaguete

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