An open letter to people struggling with depression

“I feel like no one understands me, it’s like there’s no way out..”

Depression is known by many as defined in books and dictionaries but is felt and understood by only few people in this world. For you, it’s a lame excuse to quit. But for us, it’s our very reason why we want to quit. And I know that it’s hard to explain knowing that people will only understand from their level of perception.

But still, let me try to show you.

  • You’re happy, I’m empty
  • You’re perfect, I make mistakes
  • You have real friends, I don’t
  • You’re a star, and I’m a shadow
  • People love you, while they hate me
  • Everyone wants to be friends with you, while I’m a loser
  • She’s successful, and I’m not
  • You have a beautiful family, and I don’t
  • No one cares about me, no one wants to hear my story..

The root of Depression

The root of depression is sometimes comparing your life to other’s. You keep counting their fortunes that you forget looking at your own blessings. Everyone is blessed. It may not be the way you want your blessings to be but still, you’re blessed. Everyone is.

“I’m afraid no one is gonna hear me out..”

YES. Opening up is a scary thing to do. We’re afraid that people are gonna shut us down and judge us. But keep in mind that you don’t have to open up to all of your friends. Just a few good people who really cares for you. Once you’ve shared your story, it will feel less heavy. You’re not carrying your problems alone anymore.

“It’s just too many, I don’t know if I can still solve it all..”

Don’t hurry, take it slow. Go to a beach and relax your soul if you have to. Remember that you have one life to solve one problem at a time. Imagine each of your problems in a staircase, there’s no other way up but to take one step at a time.

Life lesson

Depression can only hurt you if you give it the power to hurt you.

And today, I decide not to.

  • I am not empty, I have few good friends who are true to me
  • I make mistakes, everyone make mistakes
  • I’m not a shadow, I can make a difference by lending help to those in need
  • Some people hate me, but it’s ok, no one can please everyone
  • I am not a loser, I’m still in the process of learning
  • I don’t have a beautiful complete family, but someone up there loves me
  • I’m not yet successful, but someday I will in my own time
  • Not everyone will like to hear my story, but there will always be someone who would love to hear it.

Today, I decide to fight depression

Today, I decide to fight depression. And today, I decide to help people fight it, too, by writing this open letter. Through this I could encourage a few readers to continue fighting whatever is drowning them. I’m someone who knows and understands depression the same way other people do. And on my way out, I’d like to take you with me. I’d like to share my life lesson and self-realization to help you find your way, too.

It’s ok to stop from time to time. Stopping is not giving up, it’s taking a break to breathe and then continue fighting again. Everyone in this world takes a break.

Don’t compare yourself, don’t count other people’s fortunes, don’t bother about your misfortunes, share your problems, solve one problem at a time.

In this letter, I don’t only speak to those people experiencing depression. I’m speaking to everyone. Let this be a general reminder that depression is not a joke. It could result to so much devastation and in some case, it takes a life.. Some people has been fighting it long enough. No one deserves to experience this. So ALWAYS be kind with your words. You’ll never know what a person has in her shoes. So ALWAYS be kind. Always.

Fight. Your story isn’t over yet.

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