Leaving The Corporate World

Leaving The Corporate World To Become A Freelancer

Starting a business always sounds scary. It’s not an easy peasy decision like when you were in college if you either attend a class or not. Nope! It’s bigger than that and it takes so much courage to be brave enough to step out of the corporate world and start a business or freelancing.

Imagine giving up your Monday to Friday job that gives you guaranteed monthly salary to start a business you don’t even know if it will be successful or not. And it doesn’t stop there. Starting a business involves completing a series of legal activities, planning and making key financial decisions.

Reason Why Employees Hesitate on Leaving

I think the most obvious reason is financial stability. We often sacrifice the chance to find a job where we can be happy because of financial needs. Correct me if I’m wrong, most people working in the BPO industry are breadwinners, supporting a family and a mother/father with children going to school.

To have worked in a BPO industry for 5 years, I only knew a handful of people who only have their own lives to worry about in terms of financial aspects. And then most of us are just the same with financial responsibilities to our families.

This is why I have nothing against with those people who are hesitant to leave their corporate jobs. In fact I truly salute them for the sacrifice they’ve made just to be able to provide something for their families. To sacrifice your own happiness is one of the most genuine act of love I know.

Factors That Made Me Leave The Corporate World

Nevertheless, let me share with you the top factors that made me do one of the boldest decisions I’ve made in my life. So before actually taking the plunge, here are some obvious key signs that made me (as an employee) leave my Monday to Friday job.

Manila’s Traffic Jam is Crazy

Philippines has one of the most horrifying traffic problems in the world. I used to get up 4 hours early than my shift even if it’s just 8 minutes away from my apartment. I needed to commute early to skip Manila’s rush hour and then arrive at work 2 hours early. Otherwise, I’ll risk being late for 2 hours. So it’s 2 hours early or 2 hours late. Lol.

This kind of everyday situation increases exhaustion and difficulty to go to work. It also results to multiple absents of employees.

Leaving The Corporate World
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Stuck in a Seemingly Unending Daily Routine

It felt like my life got stuck in the 4 corners of my apartment and office. Have you ever felt like you’re in a spiral and just constantly spinning? Nothing new happening, just spinning and spinning. Sounds familiar to you? That’s exactly how I felt too.

But then again, that’s how it really is so it’s either you stay and accept it OR step out and risk a new opportunity for your life.

There’s No “HAPPINESS”

I think 80% of the time, employees leave their jobs because there is no happiness in it. One good example is a Boss who treats his/her employee like tools/machine in his workshop. Generally speaking, some managers and bosses doesn’t express ample value to their employees. Employees feel undervalued, thus, resulting to an unhappy working environment.

Another reason, the job is simply not the employee’s cup of tea. To be able to cook something good, you gotta love the process of cooking AKA passion in cooking. Same goes with your job. To be able to work efficiently and happy, you gotta have the passion. If you don’t have it, you’ll never feel that genuine happiness of going to the office.

Sadly for me, I don’t have that passion for sitting 9 hours a day while facing my computer’s screen. I am an outdoor and adventurous type of person. I want to make money from traveling and not just sitting around the whole day.

How Do I Start Freelancing or a Business of My Own?

Here are few substantial advises for you!

If Plan A Doesn’t Work, Go to Plan B

A good rule of the thumb in life is contingency planning. You can’t just do something drastic without having contingency plans, right? Always plan ahead and if Plan A doesn’t work, go to Plan B! Plan as much as you can. If it helps, jot down every idea that comes up to your mind.

For example, I initially planned to be a full time Travel Blogger. In case my earnings does not suffice my monthly needs, I’ll look for part time jobs online like ESL teaching. Plan C is starting a business of my own and Plan D is to be a Freediving Coach. You see I had a lot of ideas before I actually left my corporate job.

So what happened to me? After leaving my job, it was only 1 month I enjoyed being a full time Travel Blogger because the global pandemic (NCOV) happened. Lol. This is where my remaining Plans B to D stood up to save me.

Emergency Funds

I can’t stress enough how much of an importance having emergency fund is! Always make sure you saved enough money that can cover you for 3-6 months. Do not just leave your previous job having nothing.

Narrow Down Your Interests

Have you read the book entitled Ikigai? This book will make you understand your personal meaning of life in relation to your talent and passion. I find this a really good book to read when you are in a bad place in life, especially to mid 20s to early 30s adults.

Question. What is that something you do that doesn’t feel forceful? Something you are naturally good at. Because that’s where you’ll find happiness. Narrow down your interests in life and try to make something out of it. For example, if you’re creative then go to graphic designing, editing, events planning, etc. If you’re good at leading people, then the corporate world might be the place for you, you can be a Manager or a Team Leader for instance.

It’s about finding your cup of tea and make a living out of it.

It Takes Two To Tango

Having someone to take the leap with you is one thing. Although it’s not a requirement because you can always do things on your own. But as they say, 2 heads are better than 1 or it takes 2 people to Tango.

I mean what is better than having someone you can brainstorm content creation with? So if there is a chance to have a business partner, grab it! That way you’ll have someone to split the investment and workload with. It is always smarter to have someone on board with you than going to the Bank and loan money.

So Say “Geronimo!”

Lastly, take that fearless leap into the unknown! Wake that courage that has long been asleep inside you. It takes a really brave person to decide on something like this. It is now or never!

So repeat after me “I am a go-getter! I am a fighter!” say “Geronimo!”

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  1. Hi Joan, I stumbles upon your blog when I was looking for a travel reference. I read this article, and it was helpful. Every point you put in here is very true in every sense. I am inspired by your great leap into finding a meaningful life and happiness. I have been soul searching for wanting to do with my life, find a great purpose in life and, not just survive each day. I pray that I could find my own happiness soon. I’m turning 50 next year. a Lot of things going on, your blog gave me a hope.

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