5 Realistic Reasons Why Self-Love is More Important Than Being Stuck in a Toxic Relationship

Self-love is a common term that usually gets tossed in a day to day conversation. “Self-love or toxic relationship?” Most people including myself would pick self-love. But when asked or based on their personal relationship statuses, it contradicts what the mouth says. The explanation why? Simple. It’s because it’s easy to say self-love as those are just words

Before anything else, let’s dig into more information about how to love yourself first.

Here’s a shocker, people say great deal of shit everyday but never ever meant it. Agree? Humans often mis-arrange mouth before brain when in fact it should be the other way around. This is where “think before you click” steps in, or would it be better to say “think before you talk”. If you’re still following with the topic or with what I’m trying to say, you’ll understand why I’m trying to point out that we only say self-love because words nowadays don’t have much value. As time goes by, it becomes easier and easier to admit that words are just words, until you put it in action.

Nevertheless, below are 5 realistic reasons why self-love is more important than being stuck in a toxic relationship:


Self-love Attracts Maturity and Growth

When 2 people gets suffocated from each other’s bickering and toxicity, they often take a break and focus on their selves. This happens to all relationship because no relationship is perfect. And this is a natural response of humans from the emotional pain they get from their love ones.

Endless fights in a relationship leads to realizing self worth. And Self worth attracts maturity and growth. We realize that when we learn to love ourselves first, we can be better as a person and as a partner in a relationship. Sometimes in order for us to grow and mature, we need to grow apart from our partners.

Realizing That You Don’t Have to Prove Yourself

The greatest responsibility is to love ourselves and to realize that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Hypothetically speaking, in most cases we always tend to question our value regardless if we are in a toxic relationship or not. Questioning our value may seem to be constant and automatically comes with the relationship manual.

The good news is when you love yourself on top of anything, you will realize that you don’t have to prove yourself to anyone and not even your partner. A person who truly loves you will never let you doubt yourself. You are perfectly beautiful in his eyes no matter what you wear, what you eat or where you come from. Love yourself first and the right person will come in time.

It gives you time to focus on God and your family

If there is something relevant that I have come to realize, it’s putting God in the center of my relationship with my partner. Yes, this may be a catchphrase but time has not faded its significance. Frankly speaking, the root of an unhealthy relationship is tossing God from the recipe. When you learn to put yourself first, it gives you time to bond with your family and friends. It gives you time to let Him enter in your heart. And this is the greatest peace you can ever give yourself.

If you’re lost, just remember to focus on yourself, your family and the big man above.

You realize that there are many fishes in the sea

Probably the most straight-forward and realistic reason why self-love is more important than getting stuck in a toxic relationship. So you finally broke up with your partner after a lot of small fights that piled up. Don’t worry because there are many fishes in the sea. Sure it’s not easy to move on. But when you set yourself free from a toxic relationship, you realize that there are dolphins in the sea. Just learn to wait and the right fish will come to you.

Toxic relationship gives you stress and makes you look older

A toxic partner doesn’t make you look older, but the stress they give you does! A legit example is when you cry every night and lose appetite when you eat, it makes your body weak plus it makes you look super old. And you know as well as I do that we don’t want that to happen.

Self-love gives us the chance to be happy again. When we’re happy, we care for our body instead of killing it in the process of staying in an unhealthy relationship.

To sum everything up, it’s very important to love yourself first rather than fighting for a relationship that never grows up. Remember, you can never move forward as a person if you’re stuck in a toxic relationship. Learn to love yourself first and the right person will come. Who knows, when the 2 of you grows apart, you may find yourselves back in each others’ arms after learning how to love yourselves first. This is the key to a strong and healthy relationship that will surely last a lifetime.



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