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The Aftermath of COVID-19: Work From Home Leads to Healthy Lifestyle (The Positive Effects of the Virus)

During the past 4 months, people are neither stranger of the words “home quarantine” nor “lock-down“. Companies ordered their employees to work from home and schools conducted online classes too. Although COVID-19 may have brought us nothing but stress and fear, there are still some good points about this global pandemic. Some of it includes the fact that people may have developed healthy lifestyle due to COVID-19’s effect. YES! It’s very interesting how a negative situation opened doors to positive lifestyle.

Honestly, when the pandemic started I was one of those people who got really affected by this situation. I travel a lot and provide travel-related articles through my social media platforms. It was one of my source of living as a matter of fact. Now that traveling is no longer permitted, my previous lifestyle halted too. It was very heartbreaking for me, actually!

Surprisingly, even if I truly hated this global pandemic like everyone else, I can’t deny the fact that it too has some good effects! And after realizing this, I wanted to share it with you so I wrote this article – The Aftermath of COVID-19: Work From Home Leads to Healthy Lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle
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Work From Home Leads to Healthy Lifestyle

Most observations come when you are bored. You tend to discover a lot of things and even get self-realizations as well. In my case, I noticed great deal of changes. And trust me I’m not a good observant myself. But boredom really does makes you do and realize lotsa things.

As a person who’s always active online, I noticed these significant changes during the first month of Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the Philippines. People posting stories about their home-workout sessions, healthy diet, cooking food at home and spending more time with their family (my favorite part). Long story short, these were positive effects from the global pandemic COVID-19.

Below are a number of facts I have gathered to support my claim and I think you’ll most probably agree too! Let me know in the comment section about your ideas. I would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂


Eventually, unhealthy lifestyle diminished naturally as one of the positive effects of COVID-19.

The question is “how” you may ask?

COVID-19 is a contagious virus which effectively kept people inside their homes. It’s a natural response of people to fear which gave us the reason to stay at home. As a result, it reduced the times when we go to fast-food chains and convenience stores to grab a meal and soda. Bars were closed too so hard drinkers of alcohol were stopped for a few months. It also limited our contact with pollution especially for city dwellers.

These unhealthy lifestyle before the pandemic are all temporarily gone for now, thanks to COVID-19. It’s a bit ironic actually, thanking the virus that killed thousands of people and still continues to kill thousands more up to this day.

Healthy Lifestyle


Study suggest that it takes as early as 3 weeks for a new habit to flourish. Read more about this study according to

Once we got rid of our unhealthy lifestyle for a few months due to COVID-19, we get used to our new habits at home. Most of these habits are inspired by healthy practices. At home, we cook our own food instead of buying unhealthy snacks and ready-made meals. This kind of habit might evolve into a pleasurable-habit that we might adapt even after everything is back to normal.

Healthy Lifestyle


Another advantage of working from home is getting more time for ourselves. Instead of getting up early like before to allocate extra time for travel going to our workplace, now we can use this time to do some home workouts.

For city dwellers, myself included, I think we can all agree on one thing: traffic jam is not a joke. As a result, we tend to allot extra hours to get to our workplace. On the other hand, working from home reduces the time we need to prepare for work. It’s definitely less stressful and it can give us time to exercise in the morning!

workout at home
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To conclude, I truly believe in a scale of 100% that COVID-19 has some positive effects on our lifestyle. It’s no denying that this virus literally gives us the deadly disease BUT we can’t also forget the fact that it changed our way of living at some point. Whether we didn’t have much of a choice or we did, it still gave us reasons to start something new and positive in our life.

People chose to be fit and healthy. People uses hand sanitizers and alcohols to keep away with viruses and bacteria. We kept our immune system healthy by eating nutritious food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This is all because the global pandemic happened and we realized that we need to care for our health.

The Aftermath of COVID-19

The bottom line of this article is to see the positive changes that happened in the previous months. The world is already full of hatred, the least we can do is to try and look at the brighter side. We should take advantage of this situation to form a new habit that will benefit our lives.

For the world’s sake, let’s try to use this negative situation to build up positive effects instead. It will not reduce the amount of people getting infected everyday BUT it will change your future to a better one. Let’s start living healthy today!

Aftermath of COVID-19

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