A Mermaid’s Life

Home Is Where The Ocean Is: A Mermaid’s Life

Gone are the days when I wake up from the heat of sunlight and splashes of waves whispering to my ears. Home is where the ocean is, as I like to say. Of course the infinite sky were always in the mood, painted in light blue like an empty canvas spilled with blue paint. A mermaid’s life and dreams that I have been longing to live for years.

It’s like she (ocean) casted a spell on me, that once I start caring for her, I can never stop wanting more from her. Like I am floating in a seemingly endless spell where escaping is as impossible as breathing underwater. This is where the obsession starts.

A Mermaid’s Life

A Mermaid’s Morning Routine

Unzipping my hammock’s mosquito net, a hot chocolate drink in the morning always sets the mood right. Walking around the beach at dawn, Mr. Sun is suddenly waving to signify a brand new day. And here I am, inhaling every bit of positive energy from the slightly cold breeze of the ocean before feasting into a delicious breakfast meal.

Waking up is a gift, a chance to spend the day marveling at the depths of the ocean. Waiting for something new to discover, waiting for something new to learn.

As we finish our breakfast, we take a rest and go for a few stretches. Sometimes yoga, sometimes an exercise warm up. Connecting the mind and body to the soul is a significant factor to channel concentration.

Learning And Excelling

I can still remember every single breath I held to enjoy a limited time under the water. Limited but worth every second. For every fun-dive, we also strive to excel. Because learning doesn’t stop in school, it continues every single day to someone who is willing to be a lifetime student of this world.

Competing improves our skills. But remember to excel with your friends, and compete only with yourself. Beat your personal best, not your friend’s personal best.

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A Mermaid’s Life

Listening To My Body

Reaching out to the shore. My body is exhausted from a 2-hour fun-dive. I can hear my stomach complaining and my body begging for a nap. I have to listen.

Something I should never forget is to put great deal of value to this body. Our physical form allows us to fulfill what our great minds wants to achieve. Hence, listening is an essential skill.

A Mermaid’s Life

Sharing: The Domino Effect

I believe in the power of the domino effect. You may be surprised how an ubiquitous influence can impact people and lifestyle. As we embark on a journey of learning, sharing our knowledge could spread fast like wind sprints. And it goes on and on until it just continues to grow and spread creating a chain reaction known as the domino effect.

A wise man once told us “if you love the ocean, teach freediving to people. If people falls in love with freediving, you create an ocean warrior to protect our ocean.” From that day, it made a huge difference.

My blog became the most rational extension of my love for freediving. I started creating blogs about freediving, sharing what I know and sharing what I love. From here I know my readers, including the person reading this, will extend their arms to continue this chain reaction.


Floating in the surface of an infinite ocean, just letting the splashes of waves relocate my current position. Staring down at the ocean bed, co-existing with the fishes below.

Yes, it’s a figure of speech. I couldn’t possibly breathe underwater. But co-existing in a way of understanding its nature, and loving whatever is down there. Somehow, vivid imaginations like this convinces my mind to enter an imaginary world where I can co-exist.

Floating. 1 minute. 2 minutes.. 5 more minutes.. I am meditating now..

Just floating. Like there’s no gravity to pull me down. My mind is emptied by the thought of a vast ocean before me. Nothing lingers in my mind but the serenity that long has been living in the ocean. Everything I need to ease my mermaid heart.

A Mermaid’s Life: Self-Reflection

As my fingers continue to type down in my laptop’s dusty keyboard, I look back to where time has brought me now. Given the state of things, my life continues to be an open book for everyone to read. Of course, I still keep the private things to myself.

Nevertheless, I did a lot of self-reflection this morning.

Firstly, my undying love for the ocean has made me realize something I’ve never thought was there the whole time. And here I quote in my own language;

Sumisid ka paibaba at huwag kang matakot. Tapos pagdating mo sa ibaba, iwan mo lahat ng masasakit at problemang kinakaharao mo.

Sabay lumangoy ka paangat. Bagong ikaw na may pag-asa. Ganun lang naman ang buhay diba?

Sa susunod ulitin mo ulit, hanggang sa masanay ka ng masanay.

Paulit ulit lang.

Ulitin mo pa.

Isa pa.

Dalawang beses pa.

At ilang ulit pa.

Kasi di bale ng paulit ulit ka, basta wag kang titigil. Wag kang susuko. Tuloy lang ang buhay.

Truly, a self-reflection is the most intimate date you could ever give to yourself.

I have sacrificed enough to get to where I am right now. Have ignored tempting career growth opportunities and making regretful decisions too.

Despite all these mistakes drowning me, I remembered what it felt like to be in an ocean. Floating in a scary infinite sea where anything is possible to happen. But here I am, conquering my fears. The world tries to drown me, but I show the world that I can breathe underwater.

The vast ocean never scared me. So how is the world any different?

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  1. A very inspiring blog.. i hope you keep on pushing and moving forward! I love it and love you.. isang dive pa ulit!

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