Here’s Why The Artificial White-Sand Manila Bay Has Been Criticized By Most People

Heads-up, I am not anti-Government. Not was and not going to be. I think the disclaimer is in order given the fact that most Filipinos loves to assume plus these kinds of topics could spark public outrage too. Lol. Therefore, starting this article with a disclaimer. But what I really want to say is I support the current administration but I can never say that I fully support ’em. Nope! Of course there’s a reason why people make mistakes, and our Government is not exempted to that.

What’s done is done. The only reason I’m writing this is because I want to point out the reasons why lotsa people criticized this recent project by the Government.

While netizens continues to bash this project, most rational commentaries came from nature-lovers and travelers who supports a sustainable tourism development. So here is why the artificial white-sand Manila Bay is criticized by most people.

New White-Sand Manila Bay
(C) CNNPhilippines

The Artificial White-Sand Manila Bay Doesn’t Support A Sustainable Tourism

As far as I am concerned, I think that the idea of the current administration about this project was supposed to meet with sustainable tourism half-way. In other words, there are better ways that they could’ve done to save Manila Bay. For instance, growing mangroves like that of Iloilo’s Esplanade. (Refer to photo below).

Moreover, mangroves has a lot of benefits. For example, it can be (1) defense against strong waves, (2) storm surges, (3) flood regulation, (4) sediment trapping and (5) marine wildlife habitat and nurseries. This is why most Filipinos are angered with this recent project because of the lack of judgement and poor environmental assessment by authorities.

Although this is the case, we could still look on the brighter side for the tourism industry. Read here.

iloilo esplanade
Iloilo Esplanade. (C)

Artificial White-Sand Is A Threat To Marine Life

Yes. Anything artificial placed in the ocean is a huge threat to marine life. Hence, making the idea contradictory to the initial plan of saving it. The project may have overlooked environmental assessment and public consultations which could trigger more danger for the marine life in Manila Bay.

As a freediver, caring for the ocean is one of my life advocacy. And learning from the news that the white-sand is artificial didn’t made me happy. Although, I was happy before when President Rodrigo Duterte ordered to clean Manila Bay and Boracay too. Kudos to that! But my support is definitely not 100% for the artificial white-sand.

Even though it’s impossible for Manila Bay to get inhabited by marine life, there are still better ways to improve it in a sustainable way. Again, like that of Iloilo’s esplanade where mangroves were used to sustain nature.

The Budget

And lastly, the budget used. If I am not mistaken, it’s a 389 million ($8 million) project. This is why a lot of people got even more and more upset. I think that our country has enough on the plate that needs more attention and priority than this project. For instance, we have the pandemic goin on, inaccessible education due to COVID-19, mass testing, etc.

Most people would say that the budget used could’ve gone to families and workers who lost their jobs or help aid the current pandemic and start mass testing.

All I can say is, there are lot’s of things we could’ve prioritized first. But then again, mistakes has been done. I could only hope for better environmental assessment and public consultation in the future.

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