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2024 Camiguin DIY Itinerary & Budget

For years I’ve been traveling here and there, but the Island Born of Fire will always have a special place in my heart. In case you’re wondering, it’s my 3rd time in Camiguin already and this is not the fist time I created a Camiguin DIY Itinerary for my readers. There is something about this place that makes me want to go back over and over again.

So if you’re looking for a Camiguin DIY itinerary, you’ve come to the right place! I’ll try to keep this travel guide comprehensive but not too wordy like my previous travel guide back in 2019: Camiguin Travel Guide 2019. Lol! Sorry but there are places that makes me want to write a book for it!

About Camiguin — The Island Born of Fire

Camiguin is an island province located in Northern Mindanao Region. It is also the 2nd smallest island province next to Batanes. Camiguin earned its name as the Island Born of Fire because of about 7 active volcanoes.

Moreover, Camiguin is not only known for its historical sites and volcanoes, it is also famous for its Lanzones Festival that takes place every October.

2022 Travel Requirements

Updated as of September 2022, Camiguin still has travel requirements if you wish to visit. Below are the checklist you need to prepare before you visit:

  1. Confirmed Hotel Booking
  2. Proof of Full Vaccination
  3. Clean Camiguin QR Code & ID (available at

How to go to Camiguin?

Below are ways for you to get to Camiguin via direct airport or from different airports outside the island province.

Nearest Airports

“Is there an airport in Camiguin?”

YES! There’s a direct airport in Camiguin if you wish to go there directly. Previously, it was only Jetstar offering direct flights to Camiguin. But upon checking Cebu Pacific is also now offering flights to Camiguin.

Alternatively, if you are backpacking you can go for the 2 nearest airports which are Bancasi Airport in Butuan or Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental. All local airlines offers this route and they have daily flights from Manila.

Balingoan Port to Benoni Port

If in case your flight is from Butuan Airport and/or Laguindingan Airport, ride a bus that goes directly to Balingoan Port. If you are from Butuan Airport, find your way to the Integrated Bus Terminal. Similarly if you are coming from CDO, there are bus is Agora Terminal that goes to Balingoan Port.

From Balingoan Port, ride a ferry to Benoni Port in Camiguin. The travel time is approximately 1 hour and the fare is Php360.00 (terminal fee included). Take note that the last trip to Camiguin is at 6:30pm with Super Shuttle Ferry and the first trip is at 4:30am.

Where to Stay?

For budget travelers, I highly recommend the places below:

  • GV Hotel (Php550.00-750.00 for 2) located in the heart of Mambajao, just near the Camiguin Marker and Jollibee food establishment. This is where we stayed during our Camiguin trip last August 2022. BOOK ROOM AT GV HOTEL HERE

  • Book rooms at Beach House Resort (Php600.00 for 2) fan room. Heads up, the location of the resort requires you to pass by a cemetery. If it doesn’t mind you then you can check this place out. Rooms are cheap here too.

  • Most hotels/hostels range from Php1,500.00-3,500.00 per night around Mambajao.

If you want a sophisticated one, I suggest Bintana sa Paraiso. And if you are a freediver, contact Kurma Eco Beach Lodge on Facebook! 🙂

Where to Eat?

I still highly recommend La Dolce which is located in front of the aiport and J&A Fishpen. For local delicacy I highly recommend freshly baked Pastel from Vjandep Bakeshop, chicharong pusit, and local biscuit-like kiping. The bakeshop is near Jollibee and GV Hotel in Mambajao. 1 dozen of Pastel costs Php300.00.


pastel camiguin
(Left) Pastel (Right) Chicharong Pusit

How to get around?

There are 2 best options to travel around the island province. It’s either (a) you will rent a motorbike or (b) you will rent a habal-habal to tour you around. If you know how to drive, I highly recommend driving one! This will help you save more and you’ll get a better feel of the island vibe.

Don’t worry because internet will save you for directions! Plus the places to visit are very easy to find. If you’ve decided to rent a motorbike, you’ll see motorbikes for rent just outside Benoni Port. We rented ours for Php500.00 / day.

  • 0918-583-4135 Emeverto Dayao

Places to Visit in Camiguin & Updated Expenses in 2023

Here are the top most visited tourist destinations when in Camiguin. My most rated is on the very top. Take note that all entrance fees/boat rental fees each destination is FIXED. You cannot try to negotiate with the price because the price is from the local tourism.


Boat Rental Fee: Php550.00 (good for 4)
Entrance Fee: Php50.00/each

Navigate on your maps White Island Ferry Terminal, this is the jump-off point to White Island. After renting a boat and paying the necessary fees, the boat ride is about 5-10 minutes only. Best time to go here is sunrise. White Island resembles Naked Island in Siargao. It’s very hot here when the sun comes up and there’s no shade too.

Fun Fact: the tallest mountain you can see from White Island is the famous Mt. Hibok-Hibok.

camiguin drone shot
Camiguin DIY Itinerary


Boat Rental Fee: Php750.00 (good for 4 people and good for 3 hours only, +100 per hour if you wish to extend)
Entrance Fee: Php75.00/each
Optional Fees: Cottage fee Php150.00, Table Php100.00, Marine Sanctuary Entrance Fee Php75.00

I truly believe that the real beauty of Camiguin lies underneath. Mantigue Island is the place you want to be if you are looking for a snorkeling/skindiving adventure because of its rich marine biodiversity. We got the chance to swim with a sea turtle while we were checking out the marine sanctuary. Moreover, overnights not allowed here and there are no stores. So make sure to buy your food and water before going there.

Note: Mantigue Island port is near Benon port which is in the opposite side of White Island.

Camiguin DIY Itinerary
Mantigue Island Drone Shot
camiguin freediving
Marine Sanctuary (entrance fee Php75.00)
mantigue island
Marine Sanctuary


Entrance Fee: Php50.00/each

Gui-Ob Church Ruins is a very historical place in Camiguin. The ruins of the Church is the result of Mt. Volcan’s wrath way back in 1871. The best time to go here is before sunset.

Camiguin DIY Itinerary
Camiguin DIY Itinerary


There is no entrance fee to see the Sunken Cemetery from afar. But if you wish to go to the huge cross, the boat fee is Php100.00/each. Best time to go here is during sunset.

sunken cemetery


Entrance Fee: Php75.00

A word of advise, the water is really cold! I can’t find myself dipping my whole body even if I’ve been here for the 3rd time around. Also, on your way to Tuasan Falls you’ll get a good view of Tres Maria Mountain in Catarman, Camiguin.

Fun Fact: did you know that Tres Marias is also an active volcano in the province?

Camiguin DIY Itinerary
Tuasan Falls
Selfie with the Tres Marias Mountan


Entrance Fee: Php75.00

If you are up to swimming in a soda swimming pool which is water coming from the volcanoes, you should visit Soda Water Pool. And if you’re up to swimming in a cold spring, visit Sto. Nino Cold Spring.

Camiguin DIY Itinerary
Camiguin DIY Itinerary


If you are staying in Camiguin for 2 days or more, I highly suggest to do some trekking up to the old volcano. The short trekk will last for 30-45 minutes and the entrance fee is Php25.00 each.

Camiguin DIY Itinerary


Located in the heart of Mambajao, in front of Jollibee and walking distance from Vjanders Bakeshop and GV Hotel.

Camiguin DIY Itinerary

Sample Itinerary & Budget (Camiguin DIY Itinerary)

Assuming that you are staying for 2 whole days and you are arriving early in the morning. Expenses are in open and close () parenthesis. Divide the boat rental fees, motorbike rental and hotel overnight in 2 if you are traveling with a partner or with a group.

2 Days 1 Night Budget & Itinerary

1st Day
5:00am Wake up time, prepare to go to White Island Boat Terminal (500 motorbike rental + 200 gas)
5:30-7:30am White Island (boat rental 550; entrance fee 50)
8:00am Breakfast (100)
9:00am Tongatoc Cove (free)
9:30am Tuasan Falls (75)
11:00am Soda Water Pool (75)
1:30pm Sto. Nino Cold Spring (75)
3:30pm Gui-Ob Church Ruins (50)
4:30pm Sunken Cemetery (100)
6:00pm Back to hostel (550 GV Hotel)
7:30pm Dinner (100)
10:00pm Lights off

2nd Day
5:00am Wake up time, prepare to go to Mantigue Island (500 motorbike rental + 200 gas)
5:30am Register, boat ride to Mantigue Island (750 boat rental; 75 entrance fee)
6:00-9:00am Mantigue Island
9:30am Breakfast (100)
10:00am Vjanders bakeshop Mambajao to buy Pastel (300)
11:00am Check out time

1 Day Budget & Itinerary

5:00am Balingoan Port to Benoni Port 1st Trip(360 ferry; 500 motorbike rental + 200 gas)
7:00-8:30am White Island (550 boat rental; 50 entrance fee)
9:00am Breakfast (100)
9:30am Tongatoc Cove (free)
10:30am Tuasan Falls (75)
12nn Lunch (100)
12:30pm Gui-ob Church Ruins (50)
1:00pm Sunken Cemetery (100)
3:00-5:00pm Mantigue Island (750 boat rental fee; 75 entrance fee)
6:00pm Benoni Port to Balingoan Port Last Trip (360)

Other Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  • Make sure to prepare the travel requirements to Camiguin before your date of travel.
  • For souvenir shops, you can literally find them everywhere. Don’t forget to buy yourself a hand-made sea glass jewelry.
  • Best time to visit Camiguin is during summer season.
  • There is internet reception almost anywhere.
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Camiguin DIY Itinerary

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Updated as of October 2023.
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