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Ultimate Travel Guide to Malamawi Beach: Basilan’s Laid-back Paradise (2022)

There’s nothing better than being indulged in the wellness of nature. Malamawi Beach sits in the isolated part of Basilan province and is definitely a must-visit paradise. Watching the waves flow in turquoise blue water, brushing my hands across the grains of sand as I laid down the beach and just watching the clear skies above me with the sound of waves whispering in my ears. Consequently, I have felt the same feeling over and over again each time I stumble into another beautiful paradise while exploring my country.

This time, I am truly blessed and happy to have traveled with my friends when I came here and not as a solo-traveler girl. I just can’t imagine going here alone and not sharing the wonderful experience with a friend or a family. The Malamawi beach, like what everyone says, is a piece of heaven that fell in Basilan province. A paradise worth bragging.

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An Overview of Basilan Province

Basilan is an island province that lies between Sulu and Zamboanga del Sur. Due to some historical events, this infamous province has left quite a mark in most FIlipinos minds. Today, whenever we say “Basilan“, people would overreact like it’s a place to avoid. As someone who’s been there, I personally commend the place as I have effortlessly fallen in love with the people, the tourist destinations and most especially the stunning Malamawi beach. So, before you might question me, YES I have brushed up my history and read about Basilan’s background.

My friends and I went to Basilan last February this year and it’s the second province while backpacking ZAMBASULTA. And during our trip in Basilan, we went to explore 2 municipalities and those are (1) Lamitan and (2) Isabela. These neighboring municipalities in Basilan are the most visited places of tourists. The unexploited Malamawi beach sits peacefully in the other side of Isabela, a place that definitely caught our hearts.

Malamawi Beach

Zamboanga to Malamawi Beach

There are 2 ports available in Basilan from Zamboanga port. Take note that the nearest port to Malamawi is the port in Isabela City, Basilan. From Zamboanga port, ride a ferry that will take you to Isabela. The fare is PHP180.00 and PHP4.00 terminal fee. Travel time is only 1 hour. Follow the instructions below for option 1.

Alternatively, for those of you who will explore Lamitan City before Malamawi Beach in Isabela, just ride a ferry from Zamboanga port to Lamitan City. The fare is PHP100.00 and the travel time is 2 hours. Follow the instructions below for option 2.


Option 1: Isabela City to Malamawi Beach

Malamawi Beach

From the port in Isabela City, go to the passenger boat area that will take you to Malamawi Island. In addition, the fare for the passenger boat is PHP20.00 only since you will just cross the other side.

Upon reaching Malamawi Island, hire a tricycle that will take you to Malamawi Beach which is about 20 minutes away and the fare is PHP30.00 per person. Alternatively, you can hire habal-habal too with the same fare PHP30.00/pax.

Option 2: Lamitan City to Malamawi Beach

Malamawi Beach

If you’re coming from Lamitan City, ride an ordinary bus to Isabela City. The fare is PHP44.00 only and the travel time is less than 1 hour only. After that, from Lamitan City ride a tricycle to take you to the passenger boat going to Malamawi Island. The fare is PHP20.00 per person. Ride a passenger boat for PHP20.00 going to Malamawi Island then hire a tricycle/habal-habal to Malamawi Beach for PHP30.00/pax.

The Stunning Beach of Malamawi

The serene atmosphere and stunning view of Malamawi beach is very therapeutic and stress-relieving. The journey going to this laid-back beach is truly worth it and satisfying. Malamawi Beach features a stretch of white sand beach, crystal clear water and a long bridge that looks like Lakawon Beach in Negros Occidental.

Back in Zamboanga, we spoke to a few locals while traveling and whenever we say that we are going to Malamawi Beach they would get excited and boast it off to us. They would show us snaps of their photos when they were in Malamawi. Every local admits that Malamawi Beach is truly a very beautiful beach. And this did not fail to meet our expectations because Malamawi is truly a piece of paradise from heaven.

Malamawi Beach
Malamawi Beach

Rates/Entrance Fees/Contact:

  • Contact them through their Facebook page here.
  • Rates: (A) Entrance Fee – PHP40.00/pax (B) Cottage Rental Fee (required) – PHP400.00/group
  • Overnight is allowed, for rates of accommodation contact them at 0997 440 0765 or through their Facebook page here.
  • You may bring your snacks or food. Alternatively, there’s a restaurant available in the resort.

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