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Hong Kong & Macau iVenture Card with Klook – How to use

Traveling has never been easier thanks to Klook! With the iVenture Card, you can now create your own itinerary and enter each attraction just by presenting your iVenture Card. Hong Kong and Macau is a popular year-round destination and a trip here with a hassle-free top-up card adds more reason why you should visit these countries.

I’ve been recently getting a lot of inquiries how I traveled to Hong Kong and Macau on a budget. The simple answer is traveling with Klook’s iVenture card. I honestly saved a lot of money using iVenture Card while traveling around Hong Kong and Macau with my preferred itinerary. Here is an overview and a detailed guide on how to use the iVenture Card from Klook.

What is an iVenture Card?

An iVenture Card is a popular attraction pass card from Klook that contains more than 20 attractions you can visit just by showing your card. There are a lot of iVenture cards from different countries but the most popular is the Hong Kong & Macau iVenture Card.

The iVenture card is a credit-card size that will serve as your gate-pass to enter an attraction so long as it’s included on the list. It offers the most popular destinations in Hong Kong & Macau like the Ocean Park, Peak Tram, Victoria Harbour Cruise, Ngong Ping Village, Sky100, and many more!

You can avail the card with 3 different options: (a) 2 days (b) 3 days and (c) 5 days. It’s more expensive with the more days added so I suggest that if you will only use it with the least number of days, plan your itinerary well to maximize the card.

Where to buy iVenture Card?

You can purchase your iVenture Card through Klook. Below are the steps on how to purchase your card:

  1. Sign up with Klook here
  2. Search for iVenture Card Hong Kong and Macau
  3. Buy the ticket using any form of payment available
  4. Once you’re done purchasing it, in a few minutes you will receive an email voucher on the email address you provided together with the receipt

How to redeem the iVenture Card?

Option 1: Physical Ticket and Pick up locations

Take note that there are 2 options to avail your iVenture card after purchasing it with Klook. That’s (a) through physical card and (b) through mobile card. I personally recommend to redeem your physical card because the card itself willl serve as a token of your visit in both countries.

To redeem the physical card, follow the steps provided below:

  1. After purchasing your iVenture card online form Klook, in a few minutes you will receive an email voucher on the email address you provided
  2. Take a screenshot of the voucher with the bar code and present it at your chosen pick up location to redeem the physical ticket

Click here for Pick-up Locations

Option 2: Electronic iVenture iPass

This is the second option if you don’t want to redeem the physical card. The iPass is the electronic version of iVenture card. You can present your iPass on your mobile phone to redeem your benefits.H

After receiving your KLOOK voucher, you can go to the iPass check-in website , then enter the activation code (10 numbers) on your KLOOK voucher and other required information to receive your iPass

How to use iVenture Card?

Just like what I’ve mentioned above, you can use the iVenture card just by presenting the card to the attraction included on the list. You don’t have to line up at the ticketing counters to buy tickets on your favorite destination to enter the attraction, all you have to do is to present your card and there you go!

Either you choose to use the physical card or the mobile card, how to use it is still the same. What I love about using the card is it doesn’t only minimize the hassle to line up, it also saves a lot of time and money since it’s also super discounted!

Important Reminders and Tips

  • Don’t forget to check the day/month the card is available before purchasing it online. Make sure that it’s available on the day of your visit in both countries
  • Plan your itinerary very well to maximize all the activities/attractions included on the card
  • Some attractions need prior online reservation of 24 hours before availing the activity/attraction like the TKW Macau Tours, single transfer to Ocean Park, and Hong Kong Night Tour
  • You can also avail the Hong Kong Disneyland ticket with a supplement of
    HKD496 per adult and HKD422 per child payable upon collection (Please note: The Disneyland Hong Kong supplement upgrade included in the package is only available at Hong Kong International Airport Arrival Hall A13 Beng Seng Travel Counter, 7:00am-11:00pm, daily)

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Hong Kong & Macau iVenture Card

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