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How to get to Romblon? 2022 Ferry Schedules to and from Romblon

Getting to Romblon Province is as easy as boarding a ferry and sleeping out the whole travel and waking up arriving in the island. I’m not gonna say that it’s fun given the long hours of travel but it can be really worth the wait plus it’s a nice experience to travel by ferry, too. Honestly, it was my first time traveling by sea and the experience in totality was really cool! I didn’t even noticed that the ferry was moving already, haha!

How to get to Romblon?

Romblon is a province located in the MIMAROPA region with 3 main islands namely Tablas, Romblon, and Sibuyan island. There are 2 options to travel to this majestic province and that is by air and by sea. Below are options for you to get here.


Traveling by Air

The airport in Romblon is located in Tablas Island, so if you’re planning to travel here soon, your route will be Tablas – Romblon – Sibuyan.

There are several local airlines offering this route, you can book through skyscanner below to filter the airlines.

Traveling by Sea

To start of, note that there are a lot of shipping lines offering this route from Batangas Port. There are different schedules per shipping lines so better plan ahead on your itinerary. Below are the shipping lines and schedules with Batangas Port as the jump off point.

Starlite Ferries Inc

(Updated as of August 2019)

  • Batangas Port – Sibuyan Island (Magdiwang Port) 9PM MWF
  • Sibuyan Island (Magdiwang Port) – Batangas Port 9PM TTHS

Navios Shipping Lines, Inc.

(Updated as of June 10, 2019)

  • Batangas Port – Romblon – Sibuyan Island (Cadijiocan Port) 3PM Sundays & Wednesday
  • Sibuyan Island (Cadijiocan Port) – Batangas Port 10AM Mondays & Thursdays
  • Romblon – Batangas Port 3PM Mondays & Thursdays

2GO Ferry

(Updated as of August 2019)

  • Batangas Port – Romblon Island 9PM TTHS
  • Batangas Port – Tablas (Odiongan) 10AM Daily

Montenegros Ferry

(Updated as of August 2019)

  • Batangas Port – Odiongan, Romblon, and Sibuyan 5PM Monday Wednesday & Saturday
  • Note: return trip is every next day after departure Tuesday, Thursday, & Sunday

CSGA Ferry Corporation

(Updated as of March 2019)

  • Batangas Port – Tablas (Odiongan) 4PM every Tuesday
  • Batangas Port – Tablas (San Agustin), Romblon, and Sibuyan (Magdiwang Port) 4PM Thursday & Saturday

Getting from one island to another

Transferring from Sibuyan to Romblon or Tablas island and vice versa can be really tricky especially that there’s only about 2 schedule in a day that travel to and from the 3 main islands. Below are the ferry schedules you can follow to transfer from one island to the other.


Starhorse Ferry

  • Sibuyan Island (Magdiwang Port) – Romblon Island 9AM DAILY
  • Romblon Island – Tablas (San Agustin Port) 9AM daily

Pump Boat from Romblon to Tablas (San Agustin)

  • Contact Kuya Ronnel (0935) 890 2387. Passenger boat leaves every Saturday at 8AM.

Romblon Travel vlog on Youtube soon!

How to get to Romblon

Romblon Travel Vlog

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