bali diy itinerary & budget

Ultimate 4 Days Bali DIY Itinerary & Budget For First Timers: Best Places to Visit + How to Get There?

So you’re going to Bali Indonesia soon? You’ve come to the right blog! In this blog, I’ll tell you everything you need to know including where to stay in Bali, how to get around, best food to try, how to travel cheap and a complete Bali DIY itinerary & budget for 4 days!

Bali was my 2019 manifestation and a 2023 dream come true. I was able to validate with my own eyes the breathtaking beauty of Bali, Indonesia. Especially the countryside and its stunning islands. All I can say is this paradise is waiting for you!

bali diy itinerary & budget


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Understanding Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the most popular and a favorite go-to destination in the Indonesian archipelago. It is home to indigenous people, colorful culture, crafts and arts, rich history, breath-taking mountains and islands, Indonesian cuisine and a perfect tropical weather. As a result, Bali is rated regularly as one of the best travel destinations in the world.

  • Language – Bahasa Indonesian is the official language in Indonesia but English is widely spoken in the country so no need to worry about language barrier. Here are a few words to learn before you visit Indonesia: Halo = Hello, Terima Kasih = Thank You.
  • People & Religion – Indonesia is a spiritually religious country. For instance, Hinduism and Buddhism are practiced up to this day with a fusion of animistic rituals and folklore. Roughly 90% of the population in Bali are identified as Balinese Hindu  the most predominant religion on the island.
  • Currency – the official currency in the country is Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). There are ATM machines and Money Changers around the country in case you need to withdraw cash.

How to Get Around Bali?

Not to scare you but with good reasons you have to know that traffic jam in Bali is really crazy. If you are city dweller, you know what I’m talking about. I even think it’s worst in Bali if you ask me because lots of tourists go to this place all year round.

Here are ways to get around Bali: (1) Gojek taxi, (2) hire a private taxi with driver and (3) rent a motorbike. The fastest and cheapest way to get to your destination is through renting a motorbike. If you don’t know how to drive a motorbike, you can book a Gojek taxi, just download the app. Word of advise, it is safer and cheaper to book a Gojek taxi compared to regular taxis. Don’t get scammed on overpriced taxis!

FAQ: what license do they accept? To legally drive in Bali, whether you’re planning to rent a motorbike (Category A) or a car (Category B), you must possess an International Driving Permit (IDP). But frankly speaking, it is very easy to rent a motorbike in Bali even without an IDP. Most motorbike rentals only require any Asian Driver’s License.

Where to Stay in Bali?

Accommodations around Bali, Indonesia are relatively cheap! You can score Php250.00/each for a decent room with swimming pool, parking, wifi, free water and other facilities.





Where to Eat in Bali?

I highly recommend Babi Guling (roast pig) in Bali! It is one of the most popular cultural dishes in Bali and you can find it almost everywhere. The price starts at IDR25,000 which includes steamed rice, fresh vegetables, and a dollop of spicy Indonesian condiment known as sambal.

You can also try Nasi Goreng – a Southeast Asian fried rice dish, usually cooked with pieces of meat, egg and vegetables.

babi guling bali indonesia
Babi Guling

Sample 4 Days Bali DIY Itinerary & Budget

This itinerary is assuming that you are taking the earliest flight to and from Bali. We traveled and explored around Bali the DIY-way by renting a motorbike. For solo travelers who doesn’t know how to drive a motorbike, you have a choice to book joiners tour on Klook for a discounted rate.

Note: (1) the DIY itinerary & budget below excludes the flight and Philippine Travel Tax of PHP1,620 each and (2) the estimated budget per person depends on your spending for food, way of transportation and choice of accommodation.

Day 1: Ubud, Bali

Places to visit:

  • Tegallalang Rice Terraces & Bali Swing – a UNESCO world heritage site which comprises a cascading rice fields. The Bali swing is also available here if you want to achieve that mandatory Bali swing shot for the ‘gram.
  • Bali Pulina Coffee Plantation – explore luwak coffee and how it is made and processed at Bali Pulina. Luwak or civet cat is one of the most expensive coffee in the world
  • Pura Tirta Empul – a water temple where one can bathe in a holy spring. This complex is a place of worship for the God Indra.


7AMDPS Airport to Ubud accommodation via Gojek taxiIDR238,000/PHP842/USD17
9AMEarly check in at Tegar Guest House
Rest, freshen up
IDR124,556/PHP441/USD9 good for 2
11:30AMRent a motorbikeRental: IDR80,000/PHP283/USD6
Gas expense: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
12NNLunch at a local eatery (Babi Guling)IDR25,000/PHP88/USD2 each
1PM Visit Tegallalang Rice Terraces & Bali SwingEntrance fee: IDR25,000/PHP88/USD2
Optional Bali Swing: IDR200,000/PHP700/USD14
2:30PMBali Pulina Coffee PlantationFree entrance
4:00PMTirta Empul Entrance fee: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
Sarong for bathing: IDR10,000
Locker for things: IDR15,000
6PMEarly dinner in Ubud (Nasi Goreng)IDR35,000/PHP123/USD2.5 each
8PMBack to hostel, rest
DAY 1 TOTAL EXPENSESPHP3,518 for 2 pax
bali diy itinerary & budget
Tegallalang Ride Terraces
ubud bali itinerary
Bali Pulina
Sample bali itinerary
Tirta Empul

Day 2: Ubud, Bali

Places to visit:

  • Ubud Monkey Forest – a sacred monkey forest sanctuary in the heart of Ubud, Bali. It is home to over 1260 long-tailed macaques.
  • Ubud Market – a souvenir shop located in the center of Ubud. Although take note that there are lots of shopping districts and markets in Bali. Indonesians are very artistic and creative, don’t forget to a buy a piece for your home!
  • Pura Taman Kemuda Seraswati – also known as the Ubud water palace. The Balinese Hindu temple is dedicated to the God Seraswati.
  • Goa Gajah – also known as elephant cave. The temple is said to be built in the 9th century as a meditation sanctuary for monks.
  • Tegunungan Waterfall – probably the most famous waterfalls in Ubud. It is nestled amidst the lush greenery village of Tegunungan Kemenuh, the best time to go here is early in the morning and at sunset.


7AMWake up time, prepare
7:30AMRent a motorbikeRental: IDR80,000/PHP283/USD6
Gas expense: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
8AMBreakfast at a local eateryIDR25,000/PHP88/USD2 each
9AMUbud Monkey ForestEntrance fee: IDR80,000/PHP283/USD5.5
Parking fee: IDR4
Optional Monkey selfie: IDR50,000
11:30AMBuy souvenirs at Ubud Market
12:30PMLunch in UbudIDR80,000/PHP283 good for 2
1:30PMPura Taman Kemuda Seraswati – water templeEntrance fee with free use of sarong:
2:30PMGoa Gajah – elephant cave templeEntrance fee: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
4:30PMTegunungan WaterfallsEntrance fee: IDR20,000/PHP70/USD1.5
6PMEarly dinner at a local eateryIDR25,000/PHP88/USD2 each
8PMBack at hostel, restIDR124,556/PHP441/USD9 good for 2
DAY 2 TOTAL EXPENSESPHP3,032 for 2 pax
bali diy itinerary & budget
Ubud Monkey Forest
bali diy itinerary & budget
Pura Taman Kemuda Seraswati
bali budget
Goa Gajah Temple
teunungan waterfalls
Tegunungan Waterfall

Day 3: Bedugul, Bali

Bedugul is like the Baguio City of Philippines because of its cold weather. Popular destinations includes botanical garden, strawberry farm and the famous Pura Ulun Danu Beratan.

Places to visit:

  • Pura Ulun Danu Beratan – the temple you see in Bali postcards! It is both a picturesque landmark and a significant temple that sits on the Beratan Lake.
  • Jungle Breaks – Located about 15-20 minutes drive from Pura Ulun Danu Beratan is a restaurant cafe hidden in the lush mountains of Bedugul. The location is off the beaten path which is perfect for people who wants to get an overlooking view of the Beratan Lake but with fewer crowds.
  • Handara Gate – this huge gate is located on the side of the road so it’s really hard to miss it when you’re driving around Bedugul.
  • Wanagiri Hidden Hill – another famous destination in Bedugul on top of a hill with an overlooking view of the lake. The word “wanagiri” means “forest of monkeys.” This is also one of the best spots to get a Bali swing shot because of its overlooking view.


6AMWake up time, prepare
6:30AMRent a motorbikeRental: IDR80,000/PHP283/USD6
Gas expense: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
7AMBreakfast at a local eateryIDR25,000/PHP88/USD2 each
8AMETD to Bedugul
9:30AMETA Pura Ulun Danu BeratanEntrance fee: IDR75,000/PHP265/USD5.5
11:30AMLunch at Jungle BreaksIDR150,000/PHP531/USD10.5 good for 2
1PMHandara GateEntrance fee: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
(Optional) Drone: IDR200,000
3PMWanagiri HillIDR100,000/PHP354/USD7
5:30PMETD back to Ubud
7PMDinner in UbudIDR80,000/PHP283 good for 2
9PMBack at hostel, restDR124,556/PHP441/USD9 good for 2
DAY 3 TOTAL EXPENSESPHP3,482 for 2 pax
bali diy itinerary & budget
Pura Ulun Danu Beratan
jungle breaks bali indonesia
Jungle Breaks, Bedugul
Handara gate bedugul diy
Handara Gate

Day 4: Lempuyang, Bali

Lempuyang is a mountain slope and is approximately 2 hours away from Ubud.

Important note: if you are planning to drive a motorbike to Lempuyang, make sure to switch Google Maps to car route instead of motorcycle route. The route that Google Maps will show for motorcycle is very inconvenient. So make sure to use the route for cars instead. Trust me, been there done that!

Places to visit:

  • Tirta Gangga – a water garden that is very touristy too! Lots of tourists go here as a side-trip to Lempuyang Temple.
  • Wanna Grill – Located about 5 minutes drive from Lempuyang Temple is a peaceful and quiet restaurant in a rice field with Mt. Agung view. I highly recommend this place for lunch!
  • Lempuyang Temple – it is not only the most popular gate in Bali but it is also one of the oldest and venerated temples in Bali. The legendary temple is also known as the “Gates of Heaven.”


6AM Wake up time
7AMBreakfast at a local eateryIDR25,000/PHP88/USD2 each
8AMRent a motorbike, ETD to LempuyangRental: IDR80,000/PHP283/USD6
Gas expense: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
10:30AMETA Tirta GanggaEntrance fee: IDR50,000/PHP177/USD4
12NNLunch at Wanna Grill – rice field location with Mt. Agung viewIDR120,000/PHP426 good for 2
1:30PMLempuyang TempleIDR100,000/PHP354/USD7
4:30PMETD back to Ubud
7PMDinner in UbudIDR120,000/PHP426 good for 2
8PMBack at hostel, rest,
prepare for early flight back to Manila tomorrow
DR124,556/PHP441/USD9 good for 2
Early morning Gojek taxi to airportIDR238,000/PHP842/USD17

BUDGET FOR 4 DAYS & 4 NIGHTS (GROUP OF 2): PHP7,190.00 EACH excluding other personal miscellaneous fees, flights and Philippine travel tax.

Tirta gangga
Tirta Gangga

Day 5: Nusa Penida

If you have another day to spare, I highly recommend a day tour in Nusa Penida island. But if you only have 4 days in Bali, you can choose to either change Day 3 or Day 4 to a trip to Nusa Penida. Bali is incomplete without going to Nusa Penida! Below are helpful guides to Nusa Penida:

For hassle-free tour, Klook offers Nusa Penida day tour trips! Choose pick up points from your hotel in Ubud or directly from the port.

Important Reminders & Tips From Joan’s Footprints

  • Use a sarong to cover up your body when entering temples and maintain a quiet and peaceful atmosphere within the temple grounds. Drones are not allowed within the temple grounds.
  • Avoid touching any religious offerings or artifacts inside the temples.
  • Women during menstruation period are prohibited to enter the temples.
  • Souvenir shops are literally everywhere. A word of advise, Indonesians love to bargain so don’t be shy and feel free to negotiate as low as you can. At times, sellers will start to give us IDR700,000 for 2 pieces of clothing, we haggled the price down to IDR50,000 and they gave it.
  • Important applications to download: Gojek, Klook, Google Maps, Google Translate
  • For cheap hotels, look for OYO hotels around Bali.
  • Don’t forget to try local foods like Babi Guling and Nasi Goreng.
  • For ATM withdrawals, always double check with your bank if international withdrawal is turned on.

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Drone shots by Milo Quinantoto.
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