2022 Top Places To Visit In Sagada, Mountain Province (Itinerary + Expenses)

You know it’s Sagada when the trail is covered with pine needles and pine cones. Ahh Sagada, one of the provinces that has the most unique and diverse culture in the Philippines. When you talk about the hanging coffins, complex caves, waterfalls, magnificent sea of clouds, lemon pies and lakes, Sagada is the place to see. (Top Places To Visit In Sagada)

It’s not my first time in Sagada. I’ve visited Sagada 7 years before as part of our school trip back in college. Although it’s been quite a long time, the memories are still crystal clear. I can still remember a small quiet town filled with fun things to do and a diverse culture I can never forget.

So fast forward to today, my boyfriend and I went to Sagada as part of our North Loop itinerary. Here are the top places to visit in Sagada updated as of 2022 for your reference! Continue reading below.

Top Places To Visit In Sagada

2022 Sagada Travel Requirements

  • Successful booking from an accredited accommodation in Sagada. A special code will be provided by the establishment upon booking your stay.
  • Obtain a QR code from Umalikayo website using the special code given by the establishment you booked your accommodation with. Take note will not obtain the QR code from Umalikayo website if you don’t have the special code from an accredited establishment. In addition, obtaining QR code is only allowed 2 days before your visit.
  • Vaccine card
  • Negative antigen result within 24 hours only (with receipt). Antigen is available for PhP960.00/person in the checkpoint upon entry.

Where to Stay in Sagada?

Shamrock Tavern Inn – Php950.00/night good for 2 person.

RedDoorz @ Sagada Sunrise View Homestay – Php1,100.00/night good for 2 person. I highly recommend Reddorz for budget travelers like me!

Sagada Guesthouse by GoSagada – Php1,250.00/night good for 2 person.

Top Places To Visit In Sagada + Expenses

Here is the list of the top tourist destinations to visit when in Sagada and the updated expenses too. Check every photo caption to know if the destination is open or closed. (Updated as of January 2022)

Furthermore, all caves and falls are closed to the public until further notice.


Destination: Closed
Price: PhP 900.00 tour guide fee (good for 4 people)

If you’re looking for a unique adventure, you might want to try going to a spelunking adventure in Sumaguing Cave. There are about 60 caves in Sagada and of all these caves, Sumaguing is the biggest. Inside the cave you can expect rock formations that seem to portray familiar figures like a bear, elephant, etc.

The spelunking will last for 3-4 hours and this is probably the most famous tourist destination in Sagada. It mights sound scary to go inside a humongous cave but as they say “You’ve never been to Sagada if you didn’t try Sumaguing Cave”.

Top Places To Visit In Sagada


Destination: Closed
Price: PhP 500.00 tour guide fee

Best time to visit Bumod-Ok falls is in the afternoon when the sun is high. The trek to the falls takes approximately 1-1.5 hours depending on your pacing. Going to the falls is easy since it’s going down. But going back up is the tricky part. Make sure to wear comfy clothes like a sun visor cap to protect your face from the heat of the sun. Bring water too!

Top Places To Visit In Sagada


Destination: Open
Price: PhP 3,100.00 includes accredited tour guide and shuttle service (good for 5 pax).

A hike to Marlboro Hills takes almost an hour. And if you want to get a dope sea of clouds shot like the photo below, best to hike early in the morning around 4:30am. Just a word of advise, it’s super cold! Bring extra jackets, hand gloves and any bonnets to keep you comfy.

marlboro hills sagada


Destination: Open
Price: PhP 1,200.00 includes accredited tour guide and shutte service (good for 5 pax).

One of the reasons why the culture of Sagada is considered one of a kind is because of a unique burial ritual — the hanging coffins. Instead of being placed and buried to the ground, the coffins in Sagada are hung to the caves or cliffs is because of their belie that the higher the coffins are, the greater the chance of their spirits reaching a higher nature in the afterlife.


Destination: Closed
Entrance Fee: N/A

Lake Danum is accessible to the public. One of the best sunsets is in Lake Danum where the sun mirrors to the lake as it starts to set. Moreover, if you’re looking for a place to chill which is accessible, this is the place for you.


Destination: Open
Price: FREE

Open to the public and is accessible just by the main road. This is also very instagrammable! Perfect for your IG feed.

Top Places To Visit In Sagada


The best lemon pie in town! Make sure to try lemon pie in Sagada, one of the best delicacy they offer. The price range differ from which store you buy, But expect a price range from PhP 250.00 – 400.00.

Destination: Open

Top Places To Visit In Sagada


Destination: Open

Top Places To Visit In Sagada


Destination: Open
Price: PhP 850.00 includes accredited tour guide and shuttle service (good for 5 pax).

Sample 2 Days 1 Night Itinerary

This is assuming that you will arrive early in the morning. (Top Places To Visit In Sagada)

Day 1:
7:00am Breakfast at Cafe By The Coud (Upside down house)
8:00am Echo Valley and hanging coffins
8:00am Wrecked bus
9:00am Sagada Weaving and Sagada Pottery
11:00am Trek to Bumod-Ok falls
3:00pm Lemon Pie House

Day 2:
3:30am Wakeup time
4:30am Start of trek to Marlboro Hills and Blue Soil
5:30am Sunride and sea of clouds at Marlboro Hills
10:00am Chill at Lake Danum
1:00pm Spelunking at Sumaguing Cave

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