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Top Romblon Tourist Spots Every Traveler Should Not Miss (Flights to Romblon VIA AirSwift)

Jump-packed with different kinds of adventures, Romblon is a province in MIMAROPA region perfect for adventure junkies. For instance, mountaineering, cliff-jumping, freediving and/or scuba diving, historical sites, and exploring the marble capital of the Philippines! These are just some of the amazing things you can do in Romblon.

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To give you a bit of information, did you know that Romblon comprises 3 main islands? These are (1) Sibuyan Island, (2) Romblon Island and (3) Tablas Island. Honestly, I’ve already been to Romblon province twice. And here are my TOP ROMBLON TOURIST SPOTS that I can recommend to you. I organized the places according to their respective islands. So if you’re looking for a list to explore on each island, check my list below!


Sibuyan Island is one of the most remote places in the Philippines. It is often referred to as the “Galapagos of Asia” because of its remoteness.

If you are planning to reach Romblon via overnight ferry from Batangas Port, you can put Sibuyan Island on your first itinerary if you wish to explore all 3 main islands of Romblon. The ports in Sibuyan Island are (1) Magdiwang Port and (2) Cajidiocan Port.

Cresta De Gallo Island

“You should go to Cresta de Gallo” is the phrase we keep hearing after arriving at Madiwang Port. Approaching the island is a turquoise green water and when you come closer the water turns into aqua blue! Cresta de Gallo has an incredibly long stretch of white sandbar and is more stunning in the naked eye. Not being biased here but this is my top recommended destination here! (Romblon Tourist Spots 2022)

Important Contact for boat rentals – Kuya Pacik (0926-456-0588).

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Mount Guiting-Guiting or G2

The province of Romblon is very popular not only to our local mountaineers but also to our foreign visitors. Home to one of the toughest mountains in the Philippines, the Mount Guiting-Guiting or popularly known as G2 lies in the heart of Sibuyan Island.

Mount Guiting-Guiting is also a training ground for Filipinos before they hike Nepal’s Mt. Everest. Read here for more information!

Cantingas River

Hailed as one of the cleanest rivers in the world, Cantingas River is also open for adventure junkies alike! Get ready to take the plunge from 5-10 meters high on 3 different platforms to jump off.


Romblon Island is the smallest of all 3 main islands. It is also the island in the middle of Sibuyan and Tablas. To get here, you can either (1) ride a ferry from Magdiwang Port in Sibuyan Island to Romblon Ferry Port or (2) ride a pump boat from San Agustin Port in Tablas to Romblon Ferry Port.

Bon-Bon Beach

The most accessible beach in Romblon Island is probably Bon-bon Beach. Bon-bon beach is a public beach and is accessible by land travel for about 5 minutes from the city proper. Unfortunately, the beach is currently closed to the public because of an on-going rehabilitation project to sustain the public beach. (Updated as of September 2022)

Moreover, the best time to visit Bon-bon beach is during sunset when the tides are low and the sandbar is visible.

bon bon beach romblon

Cobrador Island, Alad Island, Logbon Island

Island hopping in Romblon Island includes (1) Cobrador Island, (2) Alad Island, and (3) Logbon Island. For boat rental you may contact Kuya Ronnel (0935-890-2387). Just say hi to him for me please!

Cobrador Island is one of my favorite island. The beach is amazing, the water is crystal clear, there is an area for cliff jumping and there is a fish sanctuary which is estimated 20 meters below.

A word of advise, Alad Island’s shore features a pebble beach with sharp and slippery rocks so make sure to wear aqua shoes for your feet’s protection. I saw lots of marble stones from the shore of Alad Island too.

Romblon Tourist Spots
cobrador island

Romblon Shopping Center

Your one-stop shop for all things marble! Of course, you’ve never really been to Romblon without actually getting yourself a marble souvenir! Located in the center of Romblon Island just near the port, is the Romblon Shopping Center. Here you can find all sorts of marble-made items such as ref magnets, mugs, chess board, tables, etc.

If you want to see how these marble stuff are made and processed, you can go to the Marble Processing area. Here you can buy cheap marble tiles which are also exported in Manila.

marble romblon
Romblon Shopping Center
marble romblon
Marble Processing

Fort San Andres

The Twin Forts or Fort San Andres gives you a walk to Romblon’s history. If you are up for historical site-seeing, the Fort San Andres is the place for you. Perfect time to visit is early in the morning or before sunset. It’s too hot in the area when the sun is up. Wear sunscreen people!

Romblon Tourist Spots
Romblon Tourist Spots


Tablas Island, the biggest of all 3 main islands, is your gateway to Boracay in Aklan. This is also where the airport is located, direct flights from Manila to Tablas is now available thanks to AirSwift! Flights are available every Saturday and Tuesday of the week.

Carabao Island

Most beach lovers only know Romblon because of Boracay’s twin sister Carabao Island. The island is located in the Southern-most part of Tablas Island and is 1 hour boat-ride from Boracay. Aside from its magnificent beach, it is also famous for cliff-jumping activities.

Carabao Island is usually a side-trip adventure of tourists coming from Boracay Island.

Looc Fish Sanctuary

For only Php100.00, you get to spend the whole day in a floating cottage and explore the marine sanctuary beneath it. Some of the things you can do here are swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, skin-diving and fish spa! Yeap, I personally enjoy the fish spa here. Although some fish are big and it hurts when they bite my toes. Haha!

Romblon Tourist Spots
looc fish sanctuary

Dad’s Bukid

You may go out of the main highway to get here but trust me when I say Dad’s Bukid is a must! I highly recommend visiting Dad’s Bukid in a day tour or if you have more time, spend the night here. Dad’s Bukid gives you that “lost in the woods” or Percy Jackson’s “demigod camp” vibe. Nature trip at its best!

dads bukid romblon

Biaringan Island to Island Zipline

If you are looking for another thrilling adventure, go to Biaringan for an island to island zipline experience! The zipline is a 2 way adventure, and the price is Php200.00 for locals and Php300.00 for visitors.

biaringan zipline romblon

Binucot Beach & Bil-At Point

As a freediver, I love how the Binucot beach is a marine conservation and protected area! This is good news to all marine sea creature lovers out there. Just like Bon-bon beach in Romblon Island, Binucot beach also has a sandbar that connects to a small islet. The sandbar is visible during low tide. (Romblon Tourist Spots

Romblon Tourist Spots

The perfect way to end your day is watching the sunset at Bil-at Point. This is just beside the Binucot beach and is accessible to locals and visitors.

Romblon Tourist Spots
Bil-at Point

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