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Kuala Lumpur in the country of Malaysia is another top destination in Southeast Asia. It is one of the countries where travel expense is cheaper compared to its neighboring countries like Singapore and Thailand. Hence, giving it more reason for tourists to explore the country. In this Kuala Lumpur travel guide, we will try to explore the country in 2 days. This is best for backpackers who are planning to visit the neighboring countries too.

Another reason why tourists visit Kuala Lumpur is because it’s accessible by land if you’re coming from it’s neighboring countries. This is why Kuala Lumpur is one of the top choices of backpackers. If you want to know the itinerary, expenses, where to book cheap tickets and how to get there from Singapore, keep reading this complete travel guide I have provided for you.



Getting to know Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Let’s get to know the important facts about KL in this Kuala Lumpur travel guide before we visit the top tourists attractions. The capital of Malaysia which is Kuala Lumpur is home to busy shopping sreets like Bukit Bingtang, structural buildings and skyscrapers. It is also known for its mix in culture of Malay, Chinese and Indian influences.

The travel expense like I have mentioned above is cheap and budget-friendly. I have asked co-bloggers and read a few blog articles about Malaysia before I came here and they all have a very cheap total budget and expenses.

Kuala Lumpur is like the Metro Manila in the Philippines. The weather is the same and it’s more on commercial buildings and structures. It’s also crowded and I noticed that there are a lot of taxi scams as well. If you’re a foreigner in this country, most taxi drivers will take advantage of that and will offer you a rental rate instead of using the taxi meter. Also, if you’re coming from the airport or the main MRT in KL Sentral, the taxi drivers from there will charge you a bigger amount. Just tell them that you’ll be traveling by taxi meter only or just look for another taxi driver that will take you to your destination.

Best Time to Visit

The weather in KL is relatively hot and humid, you can expect rain showers in the late afternoon after a hot day in the morning. Although KL is a year-round destination, the best time to visit KL is before and after the rainy season which is from May to July and from December to March.

Currency used in KL

The currency used in KL is Malaysian ringgit (MYR). 1 Malaysian ringgit is equivalent to 12-13 Philippine peso. Check here for the top 5 best money changer chains in KL.


The official language used in Malaysia is Malay which is more popularly known and called Bahasa. If you’re coming from the Philippines, don’t worry because English is still widely spoken in establishments like malls and restaurants. Taxi drivers can speak very well ion English too.

Phone and Internet Reception

When I got in KL from Singapore, I noticed that there are no free wifi areas compared to Singapore. In Singapore, it’s not necessary to buy 4G sim card for your internet because there’s free and fast wifi in every MRT station. It’s different when you come to KL from Singapore, in this country you have to buy your 4G sim card because there’s no free wifi in MRT stations and malls. The only free wifi I was able to connect with is the wifi in the GO KL bus – GO KL is a free bus in KL for tourists and locals.

Pre Travel Guide to Kuala Lumpur

Now that you already know the important things and reminders about Kuala Lumpur, here’s a detailed travel guide you can use for you upcoming trip. I have provided everything you need to know to plan a swift travel to KL. If you have any questions, you can drop it in the comment section below this article.

How to get there (Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide)

There are 2 ways you can get to KL in Malaysia and that is (1) via plane and (2) via land travel. Below are the helpful tips and booking platforms for you to find a cheap ticket to Malaysia.

Option 1: Via air

This option is the best way to get here but is also the most expensive option. Airfares are always the most expensive especially if you need to go here as soon as possible in a specific date. But, if you’re not in a hurry you can score cheaper airfare during seat sales from Cebu Pacific, Air Asia and Philippine Airlines.

If you need to travel to Malaysia as soon as possible, I suggest you book with Skyscanner. This platform will filter all the Airlines offering this route. You can check your travel dates using the platform below.

But if you’re not in a hurry you can wait for seat sales from Cebu Pacific and score a round-trip flight from MNL-KUL-MNL for only PHP1,500.00. Just subscribe to Cebu Pacific’s newsletter so you’ll be notified every time they have seat sales.

Option 2: Via land travel

This is the option for backpackers and I know that there are lots of Filipino backpackers doing this. You can go to KL from Singapore and Thailand via land travel in just one out-o-the-country trip.

From Singapore

For this Kuala Lumpur travel guide, I got here in KL from Singapore. The travel time from Singapore to Malaysia is roughly 7 hours. I have made a detailed guide if you’re coming from Singapore. Click here for Boarder-Crossing from Singapore to KL Malaysia.


From Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand is another entry point going to Kuala Lumpur. For more information on how to get here, click this link for Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur Guide.


Where to stay in Kuala Lumpur

I only stayed in KL for 2 days and 1 night since it’s already enough for me to visit the tourist destinations  in KL. For budget travelers, you can book with zenrooms.com and use my code JOANSFOOTPRINTS to get a 20% disocunt. Zenrooms is the leading budget-hotel chain in Asia. From budget to classy and sophisticated hotel rooms, Zenrooms got you!

zenrooms kuala lumpur

Book Discounted Rooms with ZenRooms

I stayed at Expressionz Professional Suites in KL. They have an infinity pool located at the 48th floor with a stunning view of the Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and the city lights. They also have kiddie pool and a playground at the 47th floor. If you’re planning to stay in KL with this kind of staycation, you can book at Zenrooms and use my discount code for 20% discount.

  • Where to book: zenrooms.com
  • Disocount code (15% off): JOANSFOOTPRINTS

Book Apartments in Malaysia

Alternatively, you may book discounted rooms through the link below! Make sure to check them for budget and low prices:

Where to eat in KL

Most of the Malaysian food is a spicy sauteed rice. There are local restaurants offering a budget meal for 5-10 ringgit only. My college friend, Elsie, took me to a food park near her apartment which is the UCC PUDU. It’s a normal place and there’s nothing special about the physical place but according to my friend, a lot of people go here for breakfast and the local food of Malaysia can be found here too.

I tried eating the Kaya toast and cold Hainan tea for my breakfast for only 13 ringgit and it was too good! I highly recommend you try this when in KL. It’s really cheap plus it’s delicious.

Kaya toast and hainan tea

Getting around KL

There’s a free shuttle that goes around KL (GO KL) and you can ride these bus to save money for transportation. All you have to do is download the route map here and plan your itinerary ahead.

GO KL bus kuala lumpur

There are other local transportation like the bus, MRT and taxi. Take note that if you ride a bus in KL, you have to pay for the exact fare because they don’t give a change. So it’s either you pay the exact fare or you pay with an excess amount. The solution for this is to buy a MyRapid prepaid card. This is a tap on card that you can use in buses, MRT, taxis and restaurants. You can purchase the MyRapid card here.

For MRT transportation, download the MRT map here for the fares and schedules. This is a very useful tool especially if you’re coming from Singapore and the bus that will take you to KL will stop at KL Sentral – the main and starting point of MRT in Kuala Lumpur. KL Sentral is also the jump off point going to Batu Caves.

Where to book cheap tickets

Download and sign up with Klook to book your cheap tickets using the platform below. They have discounted tickets for KL Tower, Petronas Tower, 4G sim cards and many more! Check it out below.


Places to visit in Kuala Lumpur

For this Kuala Lumpur travel guide, check out the top places you can visit if you’re planning to backpack the Southeast Asia countries.

Petronas Twin Tower

The Petronas Twin Tower is probably the most populr tourist destination in KL. It is also the tallest and most beautiful building especially at night when the lights of the building is shining through the dark skies. It’s really huge and astonishing when you see it in person.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Operating Days/Hours: 9AM–1PM and 2:30PM–9PM
  • Tip: If you’ll just stay outside the tower, you can visit anytime.
  • How to get there: Ride a GO KL bus and drop off at KLCC station.

KL Tower

Also called the Menara Tower, is the 7th tallest freestanding building in the world. It has a stairwell and an elevator inside if you want to reach the top of the tower. There’s an entrance fee  of RM 49.00 (PHP 605.00) but you can book your ticket with Klook for cheaper and discounted price.

  • Entrance Fee: RM 49.00 (PHP 605.00)
  • Operating Days/Hours: 9AM – 10PM daily
  • How to get there: Find your way to any LRT station and get off at Dang Wangi station. Walk towards KL Tower for 8-10 minutes.

Batu Caves

Another famous destination in KL is the Batu Caves. Although it’s a bit far from the city center, it’s worth the wait to come and visit. The reason why it’s famous is because the Batu Caves is one of the most important Hindu Shrine outside India. It is the focal point of Hindu festival of Thaipusam in Malaysia. Also, you will notice a lot of free monkeys around the statue of Lord Murugan.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Operating Days/Hours: 7AM – 7PM
  • How to get there: From KL sentral ride a KTM going to Batu Caves station and the fare is around RM 2-3.

Sultan Abdul Samad Building

Known as one of the oldest structures built in Kuala Lumpur with its impressive architecture and clock tower.

  • Entrance Fee: FREE
  • Operating Days/Hours: 24 hours Monday to Friday only
  • How to get there: Hop on to the nearest LRT station and drop off at Masjid Jamek station.

KL City Gallery

Located just a few minutes walk from Sultan Abdul Samad building.

  • Entrance fee: FREE
  • Operating Days/Hours: 9AM – 6PM daily
  • How to get there: From Sultan Abdul Samad building is just a few minutes walk. The nearest station is Masjid Jamek station.

Sample Itinerary with expenses

To complete our Kuala Lumpur travel guide, Here is a sample itinerary for 2 days and 1 night in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Day 1: KL City Tour + Petronas Twin Tower

07:00am – Call time + Breakfast
09:00am – KL City Tour
12:00nn – Lunch
02:00pm – Free time
04:00pm – Petronas twin tower
07:00pm – Dinner, stroll, back to Hotel

Day 2: Batu Caves + Bukit Bintang

07:00am – Call time + Breakfast
09:30am – Proceed to Batu Caves
12:00nn – Lunch
02:00pm – Buy pasalubong at Bukit Bintang
04:00pm – Return Singapore or Thailand

Tips from Joan’s Footprints

  • You can book a multi-city ticket where Singapore can be your entry point and Kuala Lumpur as your exit point or vice versa.
  • A 4G sim card can be really useful.
  • Book cheap flights during seat sales and book your accommodation with zenrooms.com and get a 15% discount when you use my code JOANSFOOTPRINTS
  • Alternatively, book Malaysia Apartments here.
  • You can tour around KL for 2 days and 1 night only-Take advantage of the free shuttle bus (GO KL) for free transportation and download the route here. Also, there’s free wifi in every GO KL bus but not all has fast wifi reception.
  • Use MRT and other public transportation especially if you’re traveling alone. But if you’re in a group of 3-4 people you can charter a taxi every time you need to go to your next destination (except in Batu Caves since it’s too far).

Help me improve my travel guide! By commenting suggestions in the comment section below, I am very open to new ideas. 🙂
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