How To Pose & Look Sexier On Your Next Bikini Trip At The Beach!

Over the years, I have been receiving positive comments about my body and figure. And ever since I started to pick up the courage and wear that bikini, people have been asking similar questions like “Joan, how to pose and look sexier?” and “Joan, what are your secrets?” I have been an open book since day 1st, and I think that’s why I have this blog as a result. To answer those questions, I have selected effective tips on how I literally do it!

Here’s a disclaimer though! I do not consider my body as a typical bikini bod or a figurative body. Nope! I think confidence is all I’ve got. Lol. But on a serious note, I think that’s all we need on the plate. Confidence and nothing more. No matter the shape and size, we should ALWAYS be proud of our own body and skin color!

Brown or white, fat or thin, big boobs or small boobs, we’re all pretty! People will start to accept you, BUT only if you learn to start accepting yourself first. That’s my personal mantra. So just go out there and wear that bikini, girl!

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When in doubt, wear yellow. Butttttt, never be in doubt!!! Love your color. ??‍♀️ Proud negritang mandaragat! ?

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How to pose and look sexier tip # 1: ALWAYS CHOOSE THE RIGHT BIKINI.

To start of, determine your body mass index. I am 5″ tall and 45 KG in weight. My waist line is 24 – 25 and my hip line is 26 – 27. I am very thin and I don’t have that coca cola body! Also, I’m a proud morena too. And in all honesty, my chest and butt aren’t that big either. Like I’ve said earlier, confidence is all I’ve got. Lol while typing this.

Below are my suggestions depending on your body characteristic:

  • Neon bikini color – for brown-skinned girls who wants to emphasize their skin color even more; island girls
  • Pastel color – good for ladies with white skin as it brings out a more sophisticated look
  • High-waisted bikini – for skinny-fat girls or chubby girls who wants to hide love handles (bilbil)
  • One piece bikini – for chubby girls, skinny girls and conservative ladies
  • Triangle style bikini – good for girls who wants to emphasize their flat tummies or gorgeous hips
  • Avoid tube bralettes for ladies with man shoulders or wide shoulders, like me!

My trusted bikini brands on Instagram:

  • Aquabods Swimwear – Affordable swimwears for island girls and barefoot wanderers!
  • Hapee Jonee – A bit expensive but quality is worth it!
  • MMVM Swimwear – Cheap and affordable swimmies!
  • Negritas PH – Highly recommended for brown-skinned girls!
  • Eighth Mermaid – A bit expensive but quality is worth it!
  • You can also download Zaful app on your mobile phones. Their bikinis are really good but not recommended for small and petite girls like me!

Tip: once you’ve chosen the best style and colors for you, just mix and match on your next beach trip!

How to pose and look sexier
Tanning oil from GleamManila


This is one legit and effective hack on how to look sexier on your bikini shots! Eating dinner early before your beach trip and shooting photos before breakfast will create an illusion of a flat stomach. Proven and effective especially for skinny-fat girls like me!

This technique may not magically reduce all fats on your tummy but it will lessen the size of our belly fats. And you know what they say, “nothing is sexier and skinnier than an empty stomach”. Lol!

How to pose and look sexier
(How To Pose & Look Sexier On Your Next Bikini Trip At The Beach!)


A good rule of the thumb is to avoid shooting in the afternoon. In other words, shoot during golden hours like sunrise and sunset. Shooting while the sun is high up in the afternoon creates shadows on our faces and it looks really dark on photos. The best lighting will be on a gloomy time of the day which is around 7AM – 9AM and 4PM – 6PM.

In addition, shooting in the afternoon is difficult without wearing sunglasses or cap to cover your eyes. Always opt for better lighting so that posing will be easy and comfortable.

How to pose and look sexier
(How To Pose & Look Sexier On Your Next Bikini Trip At The Beach!)


No idea on how to pose? Make use of Instagram’s “save” feature! I have been saving a lot of freediving and beach poses on Instagram from Nadine Lustre and Sarah Labati. Nadine is my personal favorite bikini inspiration! We are both morena and plus I admire her unique style. This is why I copy most of her bikinis too! Hihi. I’m a self-proclaim Nadine Lustre fan and most of my friends knows that!

So if you want to learn more about sexy poses, choose your idol and save for future references! Lol. Although I only recommend to get inspiration and not totally copying your idols.

nadine lustre inspired bikini
My version of Nadine Lustre inspired head-towel pose. Lol.


Practice makes perfect! I still believe in this social phenomena. Nobody gets better without practicing. Hence, I suggest to practice in front of the mirror inside your room.

Most important note: do not slouch! Slouching will only make you feel and look less confident. When you go to the beach, confidence is the most important accessory you will wear. So when you walk and pose for a photo, wear that confidence! People will always judge, no matter what you do. Once you learn to accept that sad reality, no one in this world can destroy your confidence. Acceptance is shield.

island girls brown skin
(How To Pose & Look Sexier On Your Next Bikini Trip At The Beach!)


Flexing your assets creates an illusion that will make you hotter and sexier! As for me, I think my asset is my brown skin and my “sometimes flat tummy”. Haha! Though I don’t always have that flat tummy, so I try not to eat anything before I take photos. Since I don’t have that ASS-set and chest, I only have my tummy and skin tone to flex.

Find your asset too! It could be your curvy body, long legs, wide hips or a naturally seducing face expression! (I wish I have that, I always have that awkward-looking face and expression whenever I try to pull a seducing face, haha!)


This is the # 1 problem of solo travelers and people who travels with old people or people who are inactive on stuff like these. Yeap! The feeling is mutual and I myself have experienced that trouble countless times. It’s very difficult to capture a photo without a professional or experienced photographer. But! Worry no more, there are still ways on how to solve this!

I have been solo traveling abroad and within my country but I still manage to get a decent photo for the ‘gram. The tip is to frame the angle and always choose burst photo. The output may not look very enticing but it will be decent enough for the blog.

Tips to coach your photographer:

  • Frame the angle you like – from down to up angle creates an illusion that your legs are long
  • Use burst photos – to capture every move you make and just choose from it. Best for walking shots on the beach.
  • Use wide angle or portrait feature
  • Teach your photgrapher how to increase brightness or how to focus the camera
How to pose and look sexier
Raw and unedited photos


In my opinion, not wearing any makeup and being proud of your natural face looks sexier. After all, going on a beach trip or island hopping trip requires bathing so it’s kinda pointless to wear any makeup. Ladies only need to wear sunscreen for skin protection.

Remember, the more natural you look the sexier you get. Bare faced girls are island girls and that’s better looking for a beach trip.

How to pose and look sexier


Enhance the colors and lighting using Lightroom! It’s the best mobile and desktop editor nowadays. Don’t worry because it’s a free app! You can create your own preset according to your preference and just copy-paste it for every photo.

Lightroom is also best for editing shadows and dark areas like the face if covered by hat or cap. Refer to the photo above! Overall, I am very satisfied using this app. It’s user friendly and free!


This is just an additional tip for short girls like me! If you are having a hard time to make yourself look taller on photos, make this #10 tip a priority. In other words, do not shoot photos with your female or male best friends who are ridiculously tall. They’ll just make you appear short. Take it from me! 🙂

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